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March 3, 2024 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn-Winter 2023 issue

Embrace the colour revolution confidently with Harlequin and Sophie Robinson!

If you wish to accentuate your interior space with dramatic flair and luminous shades, immerse yourself in this stunning collection of wallpapers and fabric which emerged from the recent collaboration between Harlequin and Sophie Robinson.

The Sanderson Design Group presents the vivid luxury brand as part of its vast portfolio, while interior designer and journalist Sophie is aptly recognised as the “queen of colour”, leading the way in encouraging the life-changing power of using vibrant hues in interiors.

This invigorating compilation of materials was deeply inspired by the heart of nature, offering an explosion of patterns stemming from Sophie’s signature bold style of maximalist design as well as her inspiration from the assortment of hues and motifs she enjoys in the woodland garden adjoining her country home.

The colours in this wonderful collection of ten wallpapers, eight prints, and seven weaves are creatively named after precious stones and gems, among which you will find Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Ruby, Aquamarine, and Peridot. The patterns will transport you into Wildflower Meadows, Floral Woodlands, and Garden Terraces, as you marvel at the Dahlia Bunches, Dappled Leaves, and Jewel Beetles dotted around the picturesque landscapes. You can easily imagine yourself indulging in an outdoor picnic with the colourful stripes presented by the Sherbet, Paper Straws, and Ribbon options, or relishing a fanciful Meander in the natural wilderness.

Sophie captured her particular sentiment on her preference for using uplifting colours and lively motifs in internal décor when she stated: “The collection empowers homeowners to decorate more boldly and personally, creating a unique look with the confidence of knowing that each design mixes and matches beautifully.”

In fact, her work is daring and refreshing, and yet, it presents a distinguished and elegant composition which can be used in any interior space, bringing nature indoors in an intimate way while offering you a joyful freedom from the mundane. This is reflected in Harlequin’s artistic and expressive approach to interiors. Indeed, their lead designer, Claire Greenfield, described Sophie’s contribution to their range as a perfect fit: “Working with Sophie on this launch has been wonderful – her experience and authority of using colour in interior design dovetails so perfectly with our passion for pattern and colour.”

The new collection by Sophie Robinson and Harlequin dares you to venture from your comfort zone and confidently embrace a carefree attitude when decorating your space. With so many options to choose from, you can easily move away from the conventional plain and lifeless colour schemes and fill your life with a mix of cherished memories of glorious summertime adventures and vibrant days spent in nature.

Indeed, this bold and liberating collection mirrors the eclectic style and playful spirit that is synonymous with Fabulous Home. Together with the eye-catching décor pieces found at this high-end boutique, you can confidently inject a creative infusion of unusual patterns and splashes of colour onto your walls, cushions, and furniture. Do not hold back – release your spirit of spontaneity, and transform your space into a gorgeous natural wonderland. 

The Harlequin and Sophie Robinson collection is exclusively available at: Fabulous Home, Valley Road, Msida

Tel: +356 20601107

All rights reserved by Sanderson Design Group

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