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How do I access the magazines?

An account must be created initially for free on, so that you can read and manage your magazine library.

  • Firstly, log in on the FlipHTML5 sign-up page then fill out the form.

  • Read the ‘Terms of Service’; and tick the ‘I accept the Terms of Service’ option.

  • Click the 'Sign-Up' button.

  • Your credentials will show at the top of the page - indicating you are signed in.

  • Head to the magazines page and choose the issue you want to buy/read online.

  • Before purchasing, you can view the first 10 pages of each issue; click the ‘Full Version’ button to purchase the issue.

  • A pop-up window will open: click ‘Purchase with PayPal’.

  • Once the magazine is purchased, you will return to the online magazine and you can read all the pages.


Is the digital version different from the print version?

The digital edition is an exact digital replica of the print version, but it offers you some advantages, including:

  • Access to content a few days earlier than you would receive the print version by mail.

  • Links for easy navigation to content on the web such as additional resources and advertisers' websites.

  • Convenient features that allow you to search for text in a single issue or all of your issues, zoom in on desired areas.


How much does a Design & Decor e-magazine cost?

The e-magazine costs €1.99 per edition and will be sold on a per-issue basis. To support the quality magazine we produce, we are charging the same amount as per the print issue. The e-magazines are behind a paywall, so payment is required for access. We appreciate our readers telling friends about the Design & Decor e-magazine. Please do share news of it through our website.


Can I buy a subscription?

No, at the moment it’s not an available option. We will consider it for the future.


What payment methods are accepted?

Only PayPal service is accepted.


If it's an e-magazine, will it work on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, it is a convenient flipbook format, which is responsive on mobile devices.


Is there a limit on how many times I can access each digital issue?

No, there is no limit to the access each issue.


How do I know that a new issue of the magazine is available?

You can either choose to receive an e-mail when a new issue is available, follow our website regularly, or like our Facebook page. We will post when a new magazine is published.


How often is a new issue of Design & Decor published?

Design & Decor is published twice a year – a Summer/Autumn issue and a Winter/Spring issue.


Can I see any back issues?

The website currently has issues dating back to Winter 2011, but we are doing our best to upload even older issues.

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