March 18, 2020


Editor’s Letter


Spring 2020 Issue 102

Welcome to another Spring edition of Design & Decor. It seems like we have been in Spring throughout what was meant to be Winter.

Recently as I was looking through some of the older copies of the magazine, and was struck by how many charming homes have been pulled down to make way for change.

With all the changes going on, we are losing part of the island’s charm, as we find ourselves looking upwards at the towering buildings, surrounded by cranes. As much as change is good, too much can break the soul of our islands.

When I worked in PR for House and Gardens some years ago, it made me want to start my own magazine, focusing on the uniqueness of Maltese homes, being so different to those abroad.

The journey from the 500-year-old house of character to the modern and bold designs of today, it has been a pleasure to feature so many of them over the years. It seems like only yesterday that I started Design & Decor.

In this Spring issue we feature a house that has a combination of old and new on page 12. Taking a walk around this charmingly decorated home, it is amazing how the old and new parts of the house complement each other, bringing everything together so elegantly. So why can’t more of the old houses be preserved in this way?

Another property – featured on page 28 – located in the southern part of Malta, is a recent project undertaken by interior designer and lighting specialist Olivia Ann Calleja.

Read about an elegant villa on page 38 whose original structure was built in 1998, yet it has been transformed to fit into a contemporary design.

The garigor is the special feature in a house in Gharghur which was turned into a home. Thanks to this traditional staircase, all the separate rooms in this house were brought together to make it a real home. Read about this on page 56.

You can find more interesting reads about travel, food, lifestyle, gardening and motoring, as well as two artists showcasing their works... and much more! All the best and happy reading.

Eve Arnett Depasquale

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