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April 5, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2019 issue

Splendid spaces

Words Victoria Galea

It is that time again…time to think of our open spaces and how to make the best of them.

It has become very fashionable to create pleasant open spaces to relax or entertain in. Everyone would like to have a splendid garden or yard to show-off, but not everyone has the skill or gardening acumen to do so. Creating a space that offers happiness, relaxation and well-being can sound like an unachievable fantasy – especially for newcomers to the gardening world.

Beautifully landscaped gardens are a delight, especially to those who believe that everything should be planned and organised. This is not a bad thing really. In today’s hurried world it is good to plan ahead especially if one does not exactly possess ten green fingers in the knowledge that gardens, particularly landscaped ones, are always going to need some level of maintenance.

The thing to consider is how to go about planning it all, what to go for to ensure that what you do will work for you… and to acknowledge that this is not a static space but with growing plants it will evolve.

Plan ahead

Whether you decide to do it yourself or if you rope in the professionals to do most of the work that will keep the garden looking good, a plan is essential, so put a lot of thought into what you’d like.

Landscaping does not necessarily mean a stiff, formal design or endless masses of land. It means that everything has been planned to carefully work together – from the design of open areas, to decks and garden furniture and especially, the choice of plants. Those who love gardening usually enjoy this part. However, it is understandable that many are intimidated by the prospect.

Many turn to professional landscapers to help them better map out their open areas and bring together what is possible with what they desire. This is a good idea, especially for those who have very large spaces and professionals can help you choose what best suits your location and give advice on upkeep, plants, positioning and more.

Any garden will always need a level of maintenance, even if it is only to keep it tidy. So plan ahead to ensure you keep it fresh and innovative whatever the style, whatever the season. Even tiled, gravel or concrete spaces can be softened up with bursts of strategically placed colourful containers, furniture or flowers according to the season.


There are several landscape trends that seem to be gaining popularity.

  • The low maintenance landscape with drought-tolerant and native plants that require less maintenance and less water.

  • Certain circumstances create particular situations which instigate tendencies – hence you find many with a predilection towards having trees as an essential part of their design – primarily aimed at offering a better environment generally or at increasing nesting space for the bird population.

  • Then there are those who prefer one beautifully shaped tree as the focus in a minimalist space.

  • As more homeowners become aware of the perils of extinction that bees and butterflies face in the developing world, a particular type of landscape that is also growing in popularity involves what is referred to as pollinator gardens.

  • Non-traditional asymmetrical designs are gaining popularity especially with new home-owners where the space is less obvious and predictable and matches the design of their house.

  • Then there are those willing to take that extra step as they feel very responsible for their role in the general picture, planning gardens that create ecosystems in their green spaces.

Remember, that whether it is a structured design or a woodland, an orchard, flower garden or secluded back yard, a well-planned landscape can be as simple or as complex a space as you wish, giving you satisfaction and renewed joys with every season.

Contact Louis Micallef at Green Supplier Ltd, Flower & Plants Growers, Mdawra Road, Burmarrad. Enquiries: 2157 1428

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