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July 13, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Who said that steam has to go up?

Whilst some may seek an elegant island hood to add style and compliment their kitchen’s overall design, there are others who would prefer if nothing got in their line of sight, or in the way of socialising whilst preparing a delicious meal.

This space-saving school of thought is what ignited the concept of combining a hood and hob in one appliance to create the aspiration hob. And when it comes to aspiration hobs, there is no name more synonymous than Elica’s NikolaTesla range. 

The powerful yet silent extractor hood integrated into the centre of the NikolaTesla guarantees high performance in terms of both fume capture and energy efficiency. Its touch controls allow you to easily adjust suction power or cooking zones with simple swipe gestures. 

Our favourite aspect has to be how easy it is to clean. Apart from being an elegant design element, the gloss smooth surface makes cleaning the NikolaTesla a breeze. You might be thinking that if any liquids spill into the centre, it might cause problems or it will be difficult to remove, but it is not the case. A conveniently located valve allows easy draining of any spillages without any interference with the mechanics of the appliances. 

Of course there are those who despite the innovative features of such an aspiration hob, would not give up cooking on a traditional gas hob. But they don’t need to, as Elica has also developed a version of this aspiration hob with gas burners – the NikolaTesla Flame. 

Without compromising extraction power or space, the NikolaTesla Flame offers a compromise to those who really love to cook the traditional way and still want to benefit from the same space saving and innovative features. 

Worried about the price? These contemporary appliances will cost you no more than the cost of buying a stylish kitchen hood and hob… so why not just go for the best?

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