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July 3, 2023 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2023 issue

Taking care of light

At Light Design Solutions we are always on the look out for innovative lighting fixtures that gives out the ideal light for the specific space. 

We always visit the brand and test out the products before we start collaborating with a new brand. This is why we are now promoting the brand Marset.

Marset are convinced that they make more that just lamps. They look into different nuances and effects of light to create atmospheres with character, helping to improve the quality of life. Marset began manufacturing lamps in 1976. Since the mid 90's has Marset started to focus on design making it a strategic pillar for business development and growth. This Is when in 2009 Marset created a young brand with a strong presence and global vocation.

The brands lamps are the common theme and show off how versatile they are. Being able to satisfy any lighting need in different work spaces without the need to resort to technical lighting.

Marset abide by these values; design, quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, durability and authenticity.


Looking for a well-crafted object, a product that generates a beautiful light and creates effects, which is also able to innovate and surprise, 

to excite and complement. Design is a constant innovation; it is the process of generating new ideas that turn into lamps. Marset is continuously innovating in different aspects that complement 

each other. Design is the common denominator of the company linking product, communication and business.

“We are interested in people. We closely consider their feelings and can make them feel when they use our products. That is why design is perceived in our brand as a people-oriented innovation activity. Design is the tool to generate value, reduce costs and achieve sustainable and responsible behaviour, positively contributing to a better society,” Javier Marset.

Innovation & Authenticity:

This is about constantly making new products, always looking for new materials, using the appropriate light source and putting technology at the service of ideas. The question always asked is; does this lamp deserve to be in the world?

Formal innovation: creating beautiful objects.

Technological innovations:

Marset makes all technological processes and known materials available to the ideas of its designers. The collection of lamps combines and extensive range of materials, industrial and craft processes, as well as the most suitable light sources.

Functional Innovation:

Designs are conceived according to their purpose and with the maximum light quality.

Conceptual Innovation: 

Marset is bold and produces complex and ground- breaking lamps.

Quality & Sustainability:

More than anything, the lamps should be of high quality and durable.

The main goals for Marset are:

  • To discover new paths in lighting.

  • To generate positive emotions in our customers. From research in innovation and through design, Marset creates the very highest quality, durable and timeless products to accompany people throughout their lives. Beyond the economic benefits, design creates sustainable and responsible behaviour positively contributing to an innovative society and better quality of life. Marset uses light as a creative material and the designs express the way of seeing life, taking care of light so that people can live better.

All Marset products can be found at Light Design Solutions in Birkirkara for further information you can contact +356 2149 6843 or e-mail

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