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January 26, 2022

Eco-friendly sculptural candles

UP Candle Design is a brand of designer eco-friendly sculptural candles made of natural soybean and rapeseed wax produced by a specific combination of modern technologies and traditional techniques. The creative team behind the brand is a married couple from Croatia – Margarita and Juriša Puratić.

We wanted to create something, which would integrate segments that we both enjoyed and through which we could indulge in creativity – 3D technology, design and modelling.

We love candles and their symbolism – they are an integral part of human civilization and consciousness that we associate with various spiritual and cultural rituals. They embody warmth, spirituality and invoke reflection and relaxation.

The softness and subtlety of wax proved to be ideal for creating abstract sculptural forms united in an aesthetic but also a functional product. The sculptural forms provide an interesting play of light and shadow when the candle is lit while at the same time they can serve as a stand-alone abstract piece of decor without being lit.

The current collection consists of 10 unique model designs that can be seen on our web shop but we are also preparing new ones through which we play with some different shapes and concepts.

Most candles on the market are produced in mass production from paraffin wax or various mixtures with synthetic additives that have a negative impact on health.

Our candles are cast and hand made to order from natural soy and rapeseed wax that burn more slowly, are biodegradable and do not release harmful compounds. We use 100% cotton wicks which reduce black smoke when burning and thus the impact on the environment.

The manufacturing process takes place in several stages: design, prototyping, mould making, candle/wax casting and finishing.

We hope to promote sustainability, ecology, awareness and inclusiveness through the symbolism of form, production materials and the production process itself.

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