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June 7, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Summer 2018 issue

Top 5 design trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Words Justine Bartolo

The sun is shining and it’s clear that hotter days are on their way, and once they’re here, they will be staying a while.

So why not get your home a gorgeous make-over to match the weather outside. I am going to give you the five top trends for the hot season to come. Changes can be made to your home without major upgrades and renovations, but just some quick styling tips can bring a fresher and brighter look to your home, with minimal effort!


Whether its sequins, fringes, tassels or feathers, embellished soft furnishings is what is going to give your home that modern boho look. It can also create a casual hand-made feel, which is the perfect way to bring in a relaxed vibe for those hot summer days. This look can easily be obtained through the use of throw cushions, rugs or even arty wall décor.


There’s no better way to bring the outdoors in, then to fill your space with beautiful tropical plants. They can be used to decorate any space in your home, from sofa corners to shelving in bookcases. If you are not that savvy with nature, that’s not a problem at all, just ask the plant experts in local stores for the plants that require hardly any maintenance, as there are still quite a few to choose from!

As if having a beautiful, tropical haven wasn’t enough, plants are also perfect to add oxygen in your space and keep your home fresh and free of toxins, so plant away!

Sparkly Flooring

Keep your floors looking fresh by purchasing rugs with shimmery, metallic tones. When we think of carpets we usually associate them with Winter, but floor warmth looks great all year round and does not necessarily need to fill your whole flooring space. Rugs look especially great in focal areas, such as under a sofa and coffee table, or in a bedroom framing the bed.

Shimmery rugs could be any colour, but most popular would be those along the grey, blue and blush tones, keeping your space warm with elegance and sophistication.

Fusion of Bold Colours

One of the biggest trends for this Spring/Summer is a gorgeous cocktail of mixing pops of bright colours. We are really going bold this year by letting go of muted colours and fusing indigo blues with emerald greens and canary yellows. This might sound horrifying but when done right it can really look beautiful and bring in a very summery vibe to your space.

To achieve this look, go for the affordable option, by mixing decorative items on a coffee table, such as books, vases and even flowers, to bring in that tropical vibe that will look so beautiful with our summer sun!

For a more permanent (and brave!) look, sofas are getting an upgrade this year and pops of colour through sofa and armchair fabrics are definitely on trend. The main colours we are looking at this year are navy blues, emerald greens and even rich violets.

Dark woods with Brass

Thanks to Scandinavian influence we have been blessing our pinterest boards with light oak for the last years, but this trend is the only one this year that is not bright and full of colour, but definitely full of depth and interest.

We are moving away from light wood, whilst dark, textured and very natural grains are taking over, especially when paired with brass metal hardware and legs. The contrast between the two materials creates drama in your space and looks beautiful when teamed up with bright colours from soft furnishings.

More interest is created when the grain from a piece of furniture is not continuous but is sometimes positioned in different directions, and although sophisticated and grand, will still create a sense of fun in the space.

From all the metals to choose from, brass is definitely the one that has taken the stand, and this year will be no different, its popularity will only grow stronger. The great thing about using brass, is that although it is a metal, which is considered a cold material, its gold and yellow tone adds warmth and luxury, so it is only natural that a deep, rich wood and a gorgeous brass will make the perfect pairing!

The affordable option

Spring and Summer vibes are easy to obtain, and flowers is one of the key ways of doing this. If you find that you have no time or patience to keep your flowers alive, nowadays there are many very realistic options when it comes to artificial flowers on the market. Tulips and peonies are always a hit, and come in plenty of colours to keep your home bright and fresh this summer season.

Small changes are a great way of updating your home, so there is no need to spend a fortune every new season, but it is definitely fun to keep your home alive. At the start of each season I like to be out with the old and in with the new, so any decorative pieces or soft furniture that are looking glum, usually get sent to a charity shop. In that way I am also doing my bit for a good cause!

Nowadays there are plenty of design shops to choose from locally, and spending an afternoon looking for new cushions, candles, vases or other interesting pieces can be just what you and your home needs for a super upgrade, just keep the trends mentioned above as you’re shopping around, and you cannot go wrong!

For more information about design and sustainability, like my Facebook page Lillie Helena

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