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June 3, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Raw Malta

At just 3 years old, Raw Malta strives to bring you a unique concept store with a strong influence from the widely popular industrial style. 

Located in the heart of St Venera, Raw Malta has built a team of international and local professionals­, enabling the company to import and locally produce different types of furniture and smaller decorative items.

Importing from Europe and beyond, one of our specialities is live edge woods. At our shop, you can see displayed a variety of live edge slabs, ranging from oak and walnut to yew, poplar and ash, ready to be turned into beautiful custom-made projects specifically catered  to the requests of each and every client.

From vanity units, beds and ceiling lights, to the wall art and the magnificent slab tables we are renowned for, we are always at the ready to guide you and provide assistance with regards to what would work best for your project.

Another sector we have tapped into is the beautiful and highly sought-after epoxy and wood work. 

Tables, wall art, console tables, coffee tables, desks and serving trays are just a few of the pieces we regularly create for our clientele. When it comes to combining metal and wood for custom made industrial style furniture, we are the people you can trust. Here at Raw Malta, we take each project on a journey of custom design, with fabrication, final delivery and installation also carried out by our team.

Apart from the custom side of our business, when visiting our showroom you will also find a variety of smaller and bigger decorative items on display. From chopping boards to bowls, light fixtures to coat hangers, church clocks to small quirky decorative items, we have it all.

Our custom products are equally as stylish and unique as our in-store offering, as we  strive to produce the best quality products and place emphasis on the personal one-to-one touch we offer each client, taking each project from the initial idea phase all the way to installation to make your space that bit more special. 

For more information visit Raw Malta’s Facebook page, or call on +356 7960 3049.

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