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July 31, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Summer 2014 issue

Luxury home with its own definitive style

Words: Andrea Christians

Photography: Alan Carville

This spacious open plan apartment has been home to its current owner for the last six years. Incorporating a split level decking area complete with hot tub and panoramic country views, it incorporates all the essential elements of stylish modern living. That the owner has a flair for design is something that becomes apparent as soon as one walks through the door. Luxurious with a distinct retro feel reminiscent of the 1970s, the eye is immediately drawn first to the expansive sitting room and then, at the far end, to the dining area set before a curved frontage of floor to ceiling windows.

Exposed cement ceilings in one part provide contrast to the opulent décor, whilst further into the room a false gypsum ceiling (By Astra) was created to disguise the air conditioning and lighting installations, together with the sound system.

With marble flooring running throughout, three strategically placed Boisson French tapestry rugs in the hall, sitting and dining areas help create distinction between the different living zones. Patterned grey sheers temper the abundant natural light and are complemented by grey silk curtains and are all from Fabulous.

Eclectic mixes of classic and modern art decorate walls that range in shades from white to taupe. In the hall area two pedestals bearing enormous green plants stand astride a traditional style sideboard. Adjacent to this, one finds an original chrome fronted lacquer topped 1970s sideboard that has an intriguing psychedelic design typified of this era. A mix of paired ornaments and matching lamps create balance. Following suit, two antique guilt mirrors bought at an auction hang on either side.

In the sitting room the gold leaf wall is, without a doubt, the main focal point, and is home to a low level gas fire. Antique candelabras set atop two pillars positioned on either side continue the pairing theme. Two sofas, sourced from Rome, sit at right angles to one another and are a combination of silk velvet, crocodile skin and a mirror finish with scatter cushions from Fabulous. The coupling of two oversized lamps set on matching marble topped gold tables and black mirrored coffee table give cohesion to a retro feel. It is a look that is completed by a seemingly conventional cabinet that actually houses a pop up TV, that can be lowered and closed away when not in use.

The dining room looks out directly onto the lower decking area and continues the luxury theme of the gold leaf in the sitting room with an antique glass topped table finished in the same way. The dining suite is actually from Milan and the chairs are still upholstered in their original turquoise material. A dramatic overhead chandelier hangs immediately over the table, whilst mirrored side tables again reflect the 70 s theme, with silk blinds and curtains from Fabulous, creating the finishing touches.

The kitchen is a simple affair and has a monochromatic theme of black Corian work surfaces, opaque glass fronted cupboards and stainless steel appliances together with a ceramic hob set below a circular style extractor fan that is the main focal point. The absence of a main lighting feature merely serves to enhance the uncomplicated style of this room.

In the bedroom the owner moved away from the marble flooring (from Halmann) opting instead for black textured Gres tiles. This is a room where not only the art but also the shades and textures speak for themselves. Oversized bedside lamps, sourced from Rome, are a striking feature and are complemented by mirrored and lacquered bedside tables that echo those used in other parts of the apartment. The en suite bathroom is accessed by a dressing room with floor to ceiling tinted glass sliding doors providing the optimum in storage solutions!

Again the theme is essentially an uncomplicated one with matching white ceramic sinks contrasting against a predominance of marble from Hal Man. Once again the owner has chosen to make one feature a particular focal point with the hydro bath and self-contained glass sided shower cubicle overlooked by a large Hercules Bust that has strong Romanesque overtones!

Finally moving the outdoor areas of this luxurious home we see that it has been designed to take full advantage of the spectacular country views afforded from its elevated position. Glass balconies allow for an unrestricted view whilst wooden decking and a simple landscaping of pebbles and Cycas trees is effective and requires minimum upkeep. Rattan furniture has been chosen both for its practicality and durability and it is easy to imagine the pleasure of sitting out here watching a spectacular sunset. However, this is a home of many surprises and one is an exterior glass staircase that leads to an upper garden area where one finds not only another elevated decking area and a hot tub, but also a fully equipped studio apartment with kitchen, living and bathroom. A linen sofa bed makes it ideal for guests wishing to stay over in a structure that is totally separate and independent of the main apartment. With a decking floor this is inside/ outside living at it best with silver blinds to keep the harshness of the light at bay and also afford privacy when needed.

In conclusion, this spacious apartment is yet another example of state of the art living at its best. With more than a few surprises the owner has clearly demonstrated his artistic capabilities in creating an elegant home that is certainly not lacking in its own definitive style!

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