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April 28, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2015 issue

Easy living

Words: Caroline Ciantar Barbara

Photographs: Alan Carville

A home set in a newly built development, this penthouse has been designed to provide a comfortable indoor which enjoys beautiful sea views and the occasional Maltese boat with its bright traditional colours. On a sunny day or a starry night, the views are nothing short of spectacular. 

In through the main door one enters into a bright and open living-dining-kitchen space.

There is an infinite supply of natural light coming from the large terrace doors which ripples on an enhancement of artificial light in the most natural way with a clever choice of lighting tidily fitted into the flat ceiling throughout. This softens and gives taste to the rigid lines and the square volumes of the walls. 

The walls of the open living space are constructed as a custom grid of wall panels which separate this area from the more private quarters, while at the same time concealing electricals in a very neat way. These are contrasted visually and geometrically with the inclusion of a curved pendant light coming down over the dining room table, which also casts a patterned shadow on the ceiling without moving away from the simple design of the elements found in the interior. 

Since the apartment is characterised by a crisp white background and a palette of neutrals, one’s eyes naturally gravitate towards the wood textures that were deliberately made to stand out. 

The kitchen area, visible from the dining space, continues with the vertical lines of the minimalist inspired design through the use of glossy white cabinetry concealing the refrigerator and storage. To keep the joint spaces balanced, the kitchen counter with a flat induction cooktop and the stainless steel hood are made to appear as pieces of furniture placed in the room rather than traditional kitchen cabinets. 

A wooden table elevated just enough hides from the dining area view whatever pots and pans might be on the adjacent cooktop. This also leaves a gap between the bar and the counter as a handy pocket space to store plates, small serving bowls and other compact items that are used regularly. 

Back to the elegant dining room chairs and through an almost invisible door, one enters a neat study room which serves as a bridge between the indoor living space and an outdoor dining area. A suspended desk and underneath storage are elegantly tucked away to the side of the room, adding to a feeling of space. The large bookcase takes advantage of the wall’s height capacity to have more storage space, while also giving a sleek look. An open unit has a light feel and makes the room seem taller since it draws the eyes up, and also shows the full width of the room – while a few cupboards at the bottom provide out-of-sight storage, also adding a pop of natural colour to the room. The study can also convert into a bedroom when needed – ultimately creating four bedrooms in this modern apartment. 

The child’s bedroom continues with the crisp white theme found throughout the house with brightly coloured accents which are sprinkled around trough accessories. The combination of white and colours makes it a bright and cheerful room. Having a white bedroom also means one can make changes to the colour scheme without having to repaint. A room that has the potential to change along with the child’s needs over the years. 

A timeless design in the master and guest bedroom imply the simplicity of the striking work done in this penthouse. A good vibe comes from the use of earthy colours and light that intensify the feeling of calmness. The crisp white background in these rooms brings out the different layers of touchable textures which mix and mingle around a basic natural-linen headboard. An elegant detail that isn’t lost on a patterned or boldly coloured fabric – these rooms suddenly become a favourite space in this home. 

The minimalist design in this apartment explores simplicity and keeps the home clutter and stress free. Less is more in these fabulous designs, keeping the space open and clean. It is important in these designs that one uses only the necessary elements to occupy and stylise the space. The use of interesting furniture or finishes paired up with the neutral palette is what really defines the style here – achieving a clean seamless flow.

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