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February 28, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2018 issue

Dress up your walls

Wallpapers by Omexco

Omexco has become a worldwide trendsetter of high end wall coverings since 1976. A master in combining materials and structures that specialise in sophisticated printing and embossed techniques. Innovation is created by their team of internal designers who are constantly in permanent dialogue with a highly qualified production team to create new designs, unexpected visual effects in the most magnificent ways.

Collaborations with famous external designers is also a common trend with Omexco.

Holistically, Omexco has the perfect recipe. The secret ingredient being the fact that they are one of the few remaining European editors who also produce and print their own wall coverings. Mainly on mainland Europe with the exception of required special techniques that are mastered in countries farther away.

As one can imagine, thanks to this advantage, Omexco’s wall coverings can be controlled several times. From the raw material until the final product is produced. This can guarantee a flawless product.

The cherry on the cake is the stock availability. A fast and efficient cut length service is possible to be offered to all our customers.

With trends and interior fashion always changing, Omexco is always staying adrift and afloat. With new collections being launched on a regular basis they are spot on with latest interior moods. A few of the latest collections for example offer shimmering and intense colours, enhanced by gold and other metallic accents, pastel colours and natural sombre shades.

The latest trends in interiors being malachite green and emerald has been improved with a twist from other season’s trends. All heading towards the direction of Art Deco, Art nouveaux and reflecting the metropolitan lifestyle of chic properties. Interiors almost verging on a ‘jewel box’ look. Collections having layering of different textures piled on one another to create that distinctive look like no other brand has managed to achieve.

When one browses through the vast collection its a journey making it very clear to spot the technique and appreciate the philosophy behind each and every collection. Practically impossible to walk away without having fallen in love with a particular wall covering. It’s clearly understood and it’s very visible to watch the clients excitement when flipping through the pages that they can’t wait to see the wallcovering up on their walls!

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