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May 9, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2014 issue

Neat, sleek and modern… a striking contemporary home

Words: Andrea Christians

Photography: Alan Carville

When it came to this maisonette Olivia Anne Calleja’s brief was to create a sleek, neat and modern home that embodies the spirit of the owners who are a young couple. As we can see the colour scheme chosen is one of the most fashionable choices around at the moment with the timeless monochromatic theme being as classic as it is modern. With splashes of red to liven things up the end result is certainly attractive and no doubt has left her clients happy but as always Olivia has gone that little way extra to create a modern and original home.

Faced with a fairly conventional layout her idea was to create something that was at once stylish but with what she describes herself as having “a cool vibe.” With a pure white Gres floor and gloss finish furniture Olivia Anne made a dramatic statement in the form of the half-moon soffit that really impacts on the living room adding a sense of fun to an already chic living space.

When it came to the kitchen Olivia Anne’s creative flair really came to the fore. Unable to make it meet the walls on either side of the room due to design limitations decided to make it appear self-contained and free standing – turning what was initially a problem to her advantage and also creating a feature. You will see that it does actually stand independently– a fact that is further emphasised by the black rear wall. Fully fitted with state of the art appliances it offers lots of work space and is a combination of gloss units and stainless steel set against straight clear design lines.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of the internal courtyard wall into the design by cladding it in grey brick which is visible from the window.

The Dining Area was to also one that required food for thought. After careful consideration it was decided that its optimum position would be immediately adjacent to the living area though there was the problem of it being located between two doors – one being the main entrance and the other the door to the garage. However, when all things were considered it was the best option and the monochromatic style continues with black leather chairs and a glass topped dining table. The introduction of a walnut sideboard provides subtle contrast and is the repeat of a wood tone theme that is used intermittently throughout. Again a lighting feature, this time a wall light, is used to create a visual impact.

The Master bedroom presented a number of aesthetic and technical challenges. The aim was not only to create an essentially spacious effect but also one that had an abundance of storage. The solution came in the choice of a circular bed with under storage that gives the illusion of a greater sense of space and a large walnut wardrobe with sliding doors that occupies an entire wall of this room. The television cabinet was custom made and designed to conceal any equipment connected to the television whilst it was also important that all the wiring remain hidden. From here it was a case of deciding what look to go for with lots of textures coming into play from the wall paper to the bed linen against a colour scheme of neutrals, browns and turquoises with hints of bronze, silver and gold.

Again Olivia Ann’s personal touch is apparent in the circular light soffit that echoes the theme of the bed and the small sparkly chandelier that adds a touch of pizzazz! The ensuite bathroom, though small, adds to the cohesive sense of this room by repeating the essential style elements.

The Main Bathroom is a lovely example of how it is possible to play with colour and styles. Again the colour scheme theme is primarily monochromatic with hints of black and a predominance of dark grey contrasting nicely against the white ceramics.

The corner bath is softly up lit from behind to create a relaxing ambience whilst the shape of the bath itself is repeated in the soffit above which is certainly an original touch and one that most definitely has Olivia Anne’s signature. The curved theme is continued with twin wash basins whilst contrast is achieved by means of the rectangular mirror above and side shelving. The introduction of fuchsia in the form of the mat, towels, curtain and accessories adds colour and energy to this bathroom. The whole conceptual look is completed by dark grey full bodied Gres flooring that works well with the textured effect of the far wall.

In conclusion, once again it would seem that Olivia Anne has ticked all the boxes when it comes to creating a home with a difference. Whilst working within a fairly conventional layout she has been successful in achieving a neat, sleek and modern interior with a striking sense of originality.

Olivia-Ann Calleja
Tel: +356 2701 7071 / +356 7999 5995

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