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June 29, 2024 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2024 issue


Words Stephanie Falzon

When we enter a shower/bathroom, which one of us doesn’t automatically glide towards the mirror in the room? We all tend to inevitably float to that area and give ourselves an overall check before we continue forward.

Mirrors are an important finish to the decor of any room. But for the overall finish to the design of the room, how important is it to choose the right shape and size of the mirror.

Mirrors have been used for years in creating deeper spaces. The size of a mirror is very important. A sizeable mirror can make a smaller room look larger. But how can we decide what to buy and what will look best in our room? Here are some ideas of how to go about it.

  1. Study well where are we going to place the mirror? Is it above a basin or a vanity? Or a stand alone mirror?

  2. Once you have identified where you are going to place the mirror, we need to decide how large to buy it. Does the area where we are hanging this mirror allow us to hang a large mirror or perhaps even more than one?

  3. Do you have a double or a single vanity/basin area?

  4. Do you need light on top of it? Or does the room have enough light for you to work with?

  5. Does the room allow for an elaborate framed mirror? Can we use more than one mirror and perhaps in different sizes? Or do we need a more traditional style?

  6. We must not allow the mirror to overpower the room. If we already have a powerful feature in the bathroom, opt for a rectangular or circular shape. They will still look good.

  7. If the room will permit, then you can choose an unusual shaped mirror—with or without lights.

If the wall of your vanity/basin unit is on a large wall, then you have many options. You can have more than one mirror or even a main mirror on top of the basin and then smaller mirrors to create a pattern on the wall or form a collage. But if you have a regular area, a mirror should be either the same width or slightly narrower than your wash hand basin or vanity unit. The mirror itself must be hung higher than the wash hand basin mixer. And if you have wall lights, then it must be hung either below or in between these lights—depending where the lights are. The important thing is to provide harmony and balance in the room.

Here is a small suggestion on how to preserve and maintain your mirrors from the black staining (de-silvering) at the edges. De-silvering causes horrible stains on a mirror. So, before you hang up your mirror, you should try and seal off the edge. Spread a sealant and apply to the edge, at least once every two years. This will keep the humidity from entering in between the glass and its backing. Always try and have proper ventilation in the room and limit splashing around the mirror area.

Bathroom mirrors are undoubtedly one of the most important items in the room. They can liven up any room, and will blend with any décor—from contemporary to traditional. But you cannot just hang up any mirror. If you have purchased a complete vanity unit, that comes with a matching mirror, then you don’t have much to think about. But if the vanity is one of a mix and match series, then you need to decide on what best will suit your room. Very often I suggest to first affix all the units in the room—excluding the mirror—and then, after all is set, just walk in the room and look at it properly. Most times, you will find that automatically, you will think, I know what shape mirror will look good here…

Although you might think that a mirror is not that much to think about, it does finish off the décor of the room. If you have bought a vanity unit from a particular brand, then study the options they would have suggested. They doubtless have enormous experience in this. And most probably, the company would have examples for you to study and consider on their web site. Then you wouldn’t need to try too hard to imagine what the finished idea might look like.

But as always, choose well. If you are not sure, ask for advice from experienced designers. They would definitely know what mirror will look best for your room, and most importantly where to get it from.

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