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February 2, 2023

MIDA the Malta Interior Design Association is the professional body representing the interests of Maltese Interior Designers. Its function is to promote high standards of design, to foster professionalism and to emphasise designers’ responsibility to society, to the client and to each other. 

MIDA endorses minimum common standards of education and professional profile for the associated Interior Architects / Designers in the member organisation. All MIDA members are qualified through both education and experience. Full members have a degree level of education plus a minimum of three years in professional practice, Associate members are qualified with a minimum of two years professional education plus 7.5 in professional practice. This process ensures that the consumer has a full overview of the capabilities of the professional they are hiring. 

Furthermore members abide by the standards laid out in the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics. One example relevant to Malta is the interior designer, when undertaking a mission see that the compensation for the work is relevant to the scope and importance of the performed work, and he will not accept any additional financial profits or commissions from any suppliers or contractors.These standards cover more areas such as transparency, competitions and publicity. 

MIDA is a full member of the European Council for Interior Architects (ECIA) which is a platform to represent and promote the qualified profession of Interior Architects / Designers.

In short, members are well trained, skilled individuals who have experience working in the field. They are capable of undertaking the professional responsibilities towards clients, society in general and the environment.


The importance of creating a Living Space within a home

Architect: Daphne Bugeja B.E.& A. (Hons) (Melit) (Archi+)

Elevating our living spaces is an endeavour that takes a holistic approach. Living spaces are one of the most important spaces inside our homes, as they must both offer the comfort of flexible and functional spaces and create the perfect mood for entertainment. While big-ticket items such as furniture are obvious elements to tweak our interior spaces, the small touches, and details such as wall mirrors, paintings, a colour, or hidden storage are as important for an elegant and timeless space.

Natural light, neutral colours, and timber palettes are some of the basic elements to create a light and airy atmosphere. Natural light is in fact an important factor and a constant study we keep on analyzing throughout the design process to get a perfect mood that fits both the lifestyle of the client and the need to make the interiors feel as light as possible. They all serve as a vessel for light to flood in, adding architectural interest and creating a connection with nature (being either a panoramic view or a skylight sitting above a space).

In our opinion colour has the power to transform a space. A simple colour can reflect well-being, discovery, acceptance, transformation, comfort, simplicity, and pleasure. A light hue can brighten a dark room; a dark shade can create a cosy feel. Colour has the power to bring several elements together. The same white has also the power to reflect light inside our little living spaces.

Playing with texture and plaster on walls is always challenging but creates a refined space when cleverly used. Hidden storage and clever compartments are the perfect solutions to clear clutter whilst keeping the scene visually serene, and calming to the spirit, and they do make a room seem more spacious. Hidden storage units or hidden doors also create flexibility that can further delineate public from private. These elements tend to be the perfect solution to segregate the different spaces without the need to create solid walls and keep the space flexible and functional for a family house.  

Our goal is also to create a balance between the architecture language and the industrial, contemporary, timeless, and elegant feeling. Custom furnishing, with a few vintage pieces and the client's art collection, are always interesting elements to play with as they lend interest and depth.

We think a great living space comes through in the textures, material, and palette. So whatever product or space we are going to interact with will need to be meaningful to engage with, to deliver something beyond the mere item or room. The neutrals we are now choosing for our living spaces (the roots of our homes) reflect how we want to capture peace and optimism, wrapping rooms in warmth and a sense of well-being.

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