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September 6, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn 2018 issue

All white room & home to make them beautiful

Words Justine Bartolo

Sometimes our own design tastes contradict themselves. There are so many things that influence what we like day to day, that we may feel our styles can change one minute to the next.

I, for one, am guilty of that. There are so many styles that I love now, I would need to own at least 10 homes to be able to live through each and every one of them! Yet most of us (myself included) do not have 10 properties of our own to design, that’s why we can change styles in some rooms of our one property, depending on the activities that take place in that space.

I have always loved the idea of cosy and homey kitchens, because that is the place that the whole family gets together. Yet I prefer minimal bedrooms, as that’s the place that calmness and tranquility is needed, so a bedroom, a study or even a bathroom would look great all white. Yet so many of us are scared of this idea because it is so easy to get an all white room wrong. The last thing we want is for the space to look like a hospital or a dental clinic, so your question may be, can white rooms be warm?

I have always loved Scandinavian design but on some days I prefer a cleaner and more minimal look. Some days I love colour and some days I wish everything was tucked away in little, white boxes.

The truth is that beautiful design can be found in any style, so today we are going to discuss how an all white room can look gorgeous, without feeling stark and clinical.

These are my 5 tips of creating a beautiful, fresh, white space that still looks and feels like home.

Tip number one – Use texture

Texture is colour’s forgotten sister. Everybody Focuses on the perfect colour matches, but no one realises that texture is just as important. In a room where colour is non-existent, texture is all the rage, so don’t hold back, think lace blankets, embroidered curtains, high pile rugs and tasselled cushions, whatever you can do to create contrast between the whites generate depth and contrast.

Using different metals is also a way of generating interest in a space whilst staying true to your colour palette.

Tip number two – Play with scale

I love creating focal Point in rooms, but these focal points become even more interesting in an all white room. An Ancient bust on a pedestal or a large scale piece of art will bring so much interest and Elegance to an all white room. Playing with size ratios enables the room to feel grand and sophisticated, remember that a lot of little pieces can create clutter so using large items will bring about a minimal and more interesting space.

Tip number three – Use mirrors and shiny surfaces


I am not widely known to be a fan of shiny things, but a glossy wooden floor in an all white room can look spectacular.

Different shaped and different sized mirrors can also add another dimension to your space. Mirrors reflect and catch light, branding about all sorts of interest to the space without adding another colour, making the room look fresh and minimalistic.

Tip number four – Create a patterned playground


The patterns we use strongly reflect the style we wish to create in any given space, you will notice that in grand palaces, patterns are bold and striking. In an all white room, it is still important to use pattern, but this will be demonstrated in a much more subtle way. Firstly, we will not use other colours to allow the pattern to stand out and secondly the patterns used will be more minimal and linear in shape. Doing this will ensure that the room will remain simple to look at but still interesting and clean.

Tip number 5 – Wood is your friend


Being a natural material there are very few styles which wouldn’t benefit from wooden accents. In this particular minimum space, wood is the magic element. It is the final piece of the puzzle, and we finish off the space with warmth and comfort, demonstrating that an all white room is in no way clinical and boring, but can be beautiful, cosy and clean.

I love to use wood as it gives such a raw and natural vibe to a space, but if your budget allows, try experimenting with other natural materials, such as a textured Carrara marble or even travertine. The natural feel from these pieces creates so much interest and depth that it will go from clinical to classy in no time!

The beauty of an all white room is its openness. In a world so full of chaos and clutter, sometimes you need a space that can cleanse your mind and allow you to think. In no way does the space have to look like something out of the future if that is not your style. I love to be around colour, but just like fashion, interior design can be a reflection of one’s mood at any given time.

For more information about design and sustainability, like my Facebook page Lillie Helena

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