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May 13, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2013 issue

A combination of conceptual planning and minimalist taste combined to create a stylish and original family home

Words: Andrea Christians

Photography: Alan Carville

This unusual detached villa was built approximately five years ago and from the start was a project that incorporated a clearly defined conceptual objective. As a modern structure it has all the attributes that one would expect to find in 21st century living but with the help of designer Olivia Ann Calleja the owners took things a stage further to create not only a comfortable family home but one the makes a definite style statement.

The living area is spacious and full of natural light but clever planning has manipulated the large interior volume of this house to segregate certain areas without compromising the connective feeling that runs throughout.

The large curved windows in the lounge bathe the room in natural light that is diffused by white curtains. Blackout curtains are also concealed in the soffits to give privacy after dark. The circular theme is repeated in the curved gloss topped coffee table and soft edges of the sofa which was purchased from Chateau d’Ax. The black rug and cushions work well together to create a monochromatic scheme and are offset by gentle lighting from standard lamps that add a subtle accent colour.

Furthermore, the intelligent lighting system features lots of recessed lighting and is also linked to the blinds and sound system making for a comfortable ambience at all times.

With the exception of the bedrooms the villa has marble flooring that was sourced locally from Hal Mann and is predominately white in keeping with the style chosen.

A simple glass dining suite stands behind the sofas on another black rug at the rear of the room with a collection of plants creating an interesting colour contrast to the white furniture. Again the soffit lighting adds a feeling of warmth here.

The fire place is a wood burner and is dual sided so as to be able to be enjoyed from all parts of the house and has been strategically placed to create at once a partition in the hall way and to also draw the other areas of the house together. It is an ambitious idea but one that nonetheless achieves its purpose and adds to the sense of cohesive style that is prevalent in this property. Again the subtle lighting technique and the interesting soffit design above reflect the curved theme and add a feeling of depth and aesthetic interest.

The predominant colours in the kitchen are gloss white and grey and a lot of stainless steel has also been used. The central island has been incorporated into a stainless steel casing that acts as a splash back to the sink at its far end. The hob is also integrated here with the extractor and lighting installed into the soffit above. The other appliances have been built in and have a gloss fronted surround to match the other units.

This same wall has been hung with shelves on the other side and serves the dual purpose of acting as a display facility and as a partition effectively segregating the kitchen from the formal dining area.

A second dining suite is located next to the kitchen overlooking the pool. Again the trend is minimalist and an attractive pendant light hanging over the table is an interesting feature. The large windows look directly on to the pool area but privacy can be achieved by means of the white blinds that hang here.

The master bedroom has a door that opens directly onto the pool area and is spacious whilst again continuing with the black and white theme that is prevalent throughout the house. The parquet flooring is the most notable difference here and has been used in both featured bedrooms adding a feeling of warmth as does the patterned rug at the foot of the bed. Cushions and textured bed linens also add to this whilst the soffit over the bed is another feature of interest in a room that is modern and essentially simple in taste.

The second bedroom is in contrast to the rest of the house and is filled with vibrant shades of pinks and purples. With a door that also opens on the pool area it also has its own en suite (not featured) and is testimony to the spirit of a teenage girl – albeit a stylish one.The painting above the bed and the textured headboard are particularly attractive. Again the room has intelligent lighting inset into the soffit.

The featured bathroom is the en suite to the master bedroom and is a designers dream. A combination of neutral tones is enhanced by the various textures of the different tiles chosen. A separate shower cubicle is to be found in the foreground whilst the curved theme is repeated in the choice of ceramics. The curved bulkhead above the bath together with the distinctive curved glass brick wall behind the bath are particularly notable.

It is perhaps in the pool area that the real conceptual design of this house can be best appreciated. With the surround encased in marble from Hal Mann the architect has continued the curve theme from the structure of the house through to the curvature of the pool. Without a hard corner in sight the exterior design effectively links and continues the theme of the interior. The neutral colours and cleverly placed plants and furniture all work well within the grander scheme of things making this not only a state of the art architectural achievement but also an exquisite family home.

Olivia-Ann Calleja
Tel: +356 2701 7071 / +356 7999 5995

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