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November 14, 2021

Four amazing eco-friendly shops in Malta

It is time for urgent change! Our world needs protecting like never before. We must be more aware of the items we buy and their effect on the environment when we dispose of them. Each one of us can make the switch to sustainable habits and opt for reusable products to minimise the negative impact on our ecosystem.

And these local eco shops are a great place to start!

1. Bebbuxu Cloth Nappy & Eco Baby Shop

This innovative eco baby shop was created by parents for parents. When their son was born, Michelle and her partner wished to safeguard the future of our planet “by selling reusable, eco-friendly baby, mum, and dad products, as well as sustainable and plastic-free household and lifestyle products.”

Michelle is aware that disposable nappies can last over 500 years when disposed of in landfills. Such an environmental impact troubled her as a mother, and she wished to make a difference by opting for reusable items, such as cloth nappies. However, she soon realised that local options were very limited.

Besides sourcing these products for her own use, Michelle also wished to help other parents make more sustainable choices and guide them by sharing her own personal cloth nappy journey. Bebbuxu offers a variety of colours and patterns for these reusable nappies. The cloth nappy trial kit is a great way for parents to test the waters before switching.

At Bebbuxu, you may also find many other brands – among them, Wild & Stone and Me & Mine – and an assortment of products, all made from sustainable materials. Baby items include washable wipes and wet bags, bamboo feeding implements, skin-friendly soaps and creams, toys, rattles, pacifier clips, and teether rings.

Parents may browse through health and body care items for their own use, as well as bamboo toothbrushes for all the family. You may also find a selection of household items, including compostable dishcloths and reusable bags.

Bebbuxu offers free delivery in Malta for purchases over €30.

2. Rebels With A Cause

This company, founded in Malta, urges people to “take part in the Rebellion” on its website, namely through the following four main points:

  1. Refuse single-use plastics

  2. Reduce plastic consumption

  3. Reuse existing plastic items

  4. Recycle all plastic at the end of its useful life

Trying to decrease the use of plastic when buying toiletries made the Rebels realise that, locally, choices are limited or unavailable. They decided to “rebel and go against the norm” so as to play their part in safeguarding our planet.

The Rebels offer more sustainable materials when it comes to items for daily use. Their aim is to reduce single-use plastic products that would otherwise take hundreds of years to decompose after disposal. Cotton buds and toothbrushes, for example, remain within the environment for at least 400-1,000 years – and never fully decompose!

Among many reusable products in the Rebels’ online shop, they offer beauty items and dental products – including tooth powder made in the UK – as well as cutlery and other household items. Many of these products are made from Moso bamboo, commonly used because it grows extremely fast and naturally dense.

These items are designed locally, but their manufacture is sourced in China, where the Moso bamboo is found. This helps to limit the waste and pollution brought about by transportation during manufacture.

A lot of thought also goes to the use of recyclable and biodegradable packaging, to further reduce waste. All products and packaging can, in fact, be upcycled and reused in any way the customer wishes. Furthermore, most of the products on offer are not only biodegradable, but also home compostable.

Local deliveries by the Rebels are free for orders over €25, with various international options. Their products may also be found in over 150 retail stores in Malta and Gozo, including pharmacies, health shops, and supermarkets.

3. Bee Gracious

A Canadian-born artist living in Malta, Natalie is a qualified surface pattern designer who loves and respects our Earth with a passion. Her talent at creating handmade household items makes for some unique products in her online market.

These items are adorned with Natalie’s personal pattern designs. She gets her inspiration from the seascapes and traditional architecture that adorn the Maltese islands. Natalie’s aim is to provide sustainable and handcrafted products that would showcase her artwork and replace single-use plastic.

Natalie presents various items on her website. Among these, you will find her Bee Gracious line of products. These are handmade, reusable food wraps made from 'Maltese beeswax and certified organic cotton… along with unique and colourful pattern designs.'

These beeswax wraps actually keep food fresh for much longer than plastic cling film. They are soft and flexible and may be shaped into any form, making them easy to wrap different types of food. They may also be used to cover dishes and are perfect for on-the-go storage of snacks. Moreover, these beautifully patterned wraps can be reused over and over for up to one year. And they smell amazing too!

Natalie’s talents also cover a variety of household furnishings and wallpaper, furniture items, fabric, and greeting cards. She is intrigued by the expressive way anyone can communicate through patterns, which is how the name PatternTalk evolved. Her designs 'speak volumes about a person’s lifestyle and cultural influences.'

Natalie offers free delivery in Malta, as well as international delivery at a charge.

4. ReRoot Malta

This brother, sister, and husband team run a 'zero waste and low-impact lifestyle store' in Iklin. Their combined attributes make for a colourful synergy of ardent eco-warrior, ethical tree-hugger, and creative free spirit, all striving to protect our planet.

ReRoot’s mission is to cut down and eliminate the unnecessary waste that is endangering Earth and its resources. Their philosophy covers four fundamental principles:

'Reduce, Reuse, Refill, and Recycle.'

ReRoot supplies a variety of eco-friendly household supplies, kitchenware, beauty items and toiletries, books, cleaning products, and food essentials. You may also purchase fashion and stationery items, men’s as well as mum and baby’s necessities, and on-the-go products.

ReRoot also offers gift packages for special occasions, as well as bundles of selected items to enhance your Date Night. Choose from personalised hampers, or opt for a gift voucher for your loved ones. Their Christmas section presents a selection of wooden and brass decorations, gift-wrapping sets and cards, and a plastic-free, 100% organic advent calendar.

The ReRoot team strives to opt for brands that share the same ethical principles. They also offer a refill service on certain dried food and cleaning products to promote the reuse of containers. With their help, you will find it easy to make better choices and 'ReRoot your habits for a better future.'

All items bought from their online store may be delivered throughout Malta and Gozo, with free shipping on orders over €50. Alternatively, you may visit their shop in Iklin to pick up your order for free and meet the ReRoot team.

Triq Geronimo Abos, Iklin

There are many small steps we can all take to have a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Changing a habit here and there; opting for a reusable item at home; purchasing from shops that offer an ethical approach to consumption – all these, and more, will make a huge difference to help sustain our ailing planet.

Try it today – make one little change! Every small action is important. It will definitely be the start of an educational and satisfying process that will lead to a cleaner world and a significant improvement to our environment.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Have you ever made any purchases from these shops? Do you know of any other eco-friendly shops? Drop us a line and tell us all about your experiences.

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