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April 27, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2015 issue

A comfortable family home with both a sense of cohesive style and a sense of fun!

Words: Andrea Christians

Photographs: Alan Carville

In recent years the trend to build more compact homes has made it increasingly difficult for both architects and designers to make the optimum use of the space available whilst creating a home that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. However, this is exactly what Olivia-Ann Calleja has achieved in this recently completed apartment situated in one of Malta’s most sought after locations.

This is a home that follows the concept of open plan living whilst incorporating the latest in lighting technology for greater energy efficiency.

With Gres tile flooring laid throughout the two tone modern kitchen with a central island finished in contrasting walnut and white. 

The white is again repeated in the upper cupboards and work surface with the uncomplicated style complemented by stainless steel appliances. The rectangular lights in this area are an example of an energy saving installation that is both economical and pleasing to the eye. A circular dining suite with sixties style plastic chairs is located nearby for everyday dining.

The adjacent sitting room area is one that suggests modern informality. Here the two predominant colours that are present are taupe and white. A dark taupe wall emphasises the white of the television units whilst a sofa in a lighter shade of the same colour with fur scatter cushions adds an extra touch of texture and colour. An antique desk placed to the rear also succeeds in acting as a focal feature adding depth and tone whilst drawing attention away from the clear lines of the modern furniture 

The formal dining area is located immediately adjacent and is in keeping with the minimalist modern look that defines this apartment’s living area. A large glass topped dining table comfortably seats eight on leather upholstered chairs whilst a contemporary style light fixture is placed overhead. In both the sitting and dining areas a clever use of the soffit design of the ceiling not only creates an ambient lighting effect but helps define the two distinct zones of this open living space.

A hallway leads to the bedrooms. Here Olivia chose to use an optical illusion to detract from the narrow shape by introducing a feature wall. A narrow antique cabinet also adds to this effect which is completed by a Persian carpet underfoot. 

In the master bedroom light coloured parquet style flooring contrasts gently against walnut bedroom furniture whilst the bold turquoise coloured accent wall is mellowed by subtle lighting. Mirrored wardrobes add to the sense of space whilst an increased feeling of depth and texture is achieved through the use of soft furnishings to create a restful atmosphere.

The second bedroom has a distinctive character and a feminine feel having been designed for a teenage girl. The predominant colours here are fuchsia and purple set against simple white furniture. The white desk at the far end has the benefit of energy saving lighting. A bold colour scheme on the accent wall behind the bed is certainly eye catching whilst the soffit design of coloured circles of old gold, pink and white echoes the primary shades and is a truly original idea which ,combined with rope lighting, add a playful touch to a youthful room. The choice of soft furnishings and bedding combine subtly to add depth and texture in this instance. Again the clever use of mirrored wardrobes are not only an attractive feature but also create the illusion of making the room appearing larger.

Moving to the bathroom the master ensuite is one characterised by a neutral colour scheme. Here it was necessary to make the best use of the space available and the installation of a bathtub with a shower screen incorporated is becoming an increasingly popular feature where space is limited. In this case, set horizontally, it helps offset the narrowness of the room. Again a clever play on the lighting with lights inset into the soffit above add a feeling of warmth to the earth tones used here and creates something of a spa feeling. 

Just like the teenagers bedroom the accompanying bathroom is one that has a distinctly feminine feel. Here Olivia Ann has moved against the trend of the moment to use neutral colours and has made a bold colour statement with purple tiles set against white sanitary wear creating a timeless classic look that hints at a slightly retro style that matches that of the bedroom. Unlike the master ensuite this bathroom has a glass walk in shower with the feature of the long rectangular shaped washbasin repeated in both.

In conclusion, it seems fair to say that Olivia Ann Calleja has once again worked her magic by taking what was essentially a blank canvas and creating a comfortable family home with a number of distinctive fun elements but also a cohesive sense of style throughout.

Olivia-Ann Calleja 

Tel: +356 2701 7071 / +356 7999 5995 



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