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March 2, 2022

Dawra Madwarna – Together for a Greener Malta

Dawra Madwarna is an organisation made up of professionals from different fields who work together, voluntarily, to propose better green public spaces for Malta. Our open spaces are an important part of our life as they create a sense of community and enrich our social life. They are our outdoor living room. If planned and designed well they have the potential to provide many benefits. At Dawra Madwarna this is what we believe in, and this is what we strive to achieve.

These last few years, as Maltese, we have become more aware of the lack of open spaces in our towns. There is a growing need for green recreational spaces close to where we live and work. Various professionals have felt this, and out of their own initiative, have presented different urban proposals of how one can introduce green spaces within our towns and villages. Dawra Madwarna was born out of this need by establishing a platform to create a space to positively explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities which we face for this change to happen. The main goal is to promote ideas which prioritise people’s physical, social and psychological well-being by re-introducing nature into our urban areas.

The aim at Dawra Madwarna is to contribute, be proactive and visionary. We need to be active in the rethinking of our urban open spaces. We, therefore, would like to create alternative urban visions by involving the community which is essential in identifying local needs and aspirations. We believe in listening to people’s stories of their everyday needs, wants and dreams. We also believe in research-based methods to find out what affects people’s quality of life. We will then build on these findings to propose alternative ideas which can trigger local imagination. As a community organisation, we will seek ways to engage with the public. Through storytelling, research, proactive thought, co-leadership and collaboration with society, we will promote a new model for the design of urban open spaces.

Dawra Madwarna’s core team is made up Nina Hattingh, Sarah Scheiber, Faye Sciberras, Wendy Jo Mifsud and Katrina Grech Mallia with an extended network with expertise incorporating the arts, planning, urban and landscape design, social sciences, ecology, wellbeing, public health, anthropology, geography, nature-based solutions and sustainable mobility amongst others. 

The platform invites anyone interested in contributing to or collaborating with this initiative to get in touch on

To learn more about our ongoing activities please visit:

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