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July 24, 2023 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2023 issue

Fringing – For fun and on-trend interiors

Words: Rachel Balzan Demajo (SAKS Interior Design & Decoration)

Fringing was popular during the Georgian era when the Brits took an interest in embellished living. It was always used to symbolize wealth and panache, and it was often seen on bed canopies, wall hangings, cushions, paintings, etc.

In contemporary times, fringing remains an important and fun decorating element. It works best with the maximalist trend and takes decorating to the next level. 

The trend, through fashion and interiors, is forever booming, and maximalist designers encompass fringing together with their use of bold colours, texture, detailing, and pattern. The idea is to embrace fringing in small doses, using it in a clever blend of periodic furniture pieces mixed with some contemporary lines to keep it modern and fresh. 

One of the great things about fringing is that it can be replaced and changed often and inexpensively. Once the colour tone for the space is found, it adds visual interest and elevates the status of any room.

These days, fringing is more commonly used on footstools – especially when they are a pair – as well as lampshades, mirrors, pieces of art, the edges of sofas, blankets, and even bedside tables! The layering of fringing is also a thing. Why have one row on a cushion when you can have two? This satisfies that fancy for a soft fabric swish – especially with velvet! 

Of course, different types of fringing lend themselves to different looks. For a more opulent and richer look, opt for velvet trimming, while for a more demure and chic touch, choose silk fringing. Lace trimming works in feminine and softer spaces, creating a romantic and dreamy feel in any room. The extra-long fringe is showing up in embellishments of freestanding lampshades as well as table lamps for extra glamour and interest, especially when kept in the same colour tone as the shade. In terms of colour, there are no rules as long as the palette has been carefully considered. However, we are seeing overtones of opulence from Art Deco-inspired jewel tones. 

As a gorgeous uplift to any space, fringing is surely here to stay, but it is important to keep it balanced, not overdone, as well as practical. For cleaning purposes, fringing should be kept a few centimetres off the ground – and away from your robot hoover! 

The result? Fringing is bang on trend! Work it with style and creativity, and you will never look back! 

For advice and interior style direction, contact Rachel at SAKS Interiors.

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