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November 16, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Getting to know Dodo and her art – Doris Pace

How long have you been painting for?

I have been painting for about 15 years. 

How did you discover your talent?

I was at Dingli Cliffs one day watching the sunset. My daughter was with me and she had pastels with her as she had to draw something for school. I said to her, “how I wish I could paint that”, and she replied saying, “mum you know how to draw, just try”. I took the pastels and tried to capture the beautiful sunset. It turned out not bad at all and I was encouraged so I started experimenting with different mediums and have never stopped since. I am mostly self-thought and I keep striving to learn more from watching other artists online or from friends who are artists and who share their knowledge with me. 

Where do you create art?

I paint at home in my studio or when I’m in Gozo. In Gozo I feel more relaxed especially in summer; I spend days in the shady terrace creating art. 

Which is your favourite artwork and why?

I must say it’s The Kiss, I had been commissioned to paint it and later I made another one for my home. Klimt is one of the artists I admire the most and to be able to reproduce my own version of one of his masterpieces felt great. 

Which other artist inspires you and why?

Salvador Dali is an artist I admire, for his time he created art which seems a bit crazy but he just created what he felt, even if it was bizarre! 

Do you have any rituals that you make before you start or while making art/painting?

I always play music even while setting up the working space as it gets me in the mood. I also look at the blank canvas an imagine the finished piece, I must say sometimes it turns out a bit different from what I image at the start! 

Is there a theme that you particularly like to paint? Why?

I love to paint with bold bright colours, but I do not prefer a particular theme. 

How do you feel whilst creating art? 

I feel good when I start painting and I always enjoy it more and more.  I feel very grateful for the talent I have been given. 

Is it always relaxing or do you ever get anxious or frustrated?

Most of the time it’s relaxing but I do get anxious when I’m starting a new piece which is challenging, however, when I start, I relax as I see 

it develop. It’s so amazing to turn a blank white canvas into an art piece! I’m always amazed when I finally finish. I thank God every time and I sign my artwork on my knees while giving thanks for having been able to produce it! 

What inspires your art?

Usually, I see something and it calls me and it gives me the idea. I get a sense of, ‘go get the canvas and material and start immediately’.  

What does your art mean to you?

My art means a lot to me and I can’t imagine living without it now that I’ve discovered it. It is a very big part of who I am and it has helped me grow into the woman I am today.


Which artistic tool could you least do without?

Well, I can’t paint without colours or brushes. The latter I keep buying more whenever I go to the art shop. I never seem to have enough! 

What do you listen to while you’re painting?

Old Songs I can sing to, since singing helps me to relax too. 

Do you think there are opportunities for artists to pursue a career in Malta?

Opportunities come if you seek them and when you least expect them. It’s typically not a job you just find but it’s something you do because it gives you pleasure and fulfils you. 

Facebook @Art By Dodo

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