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May 6, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Wonderful wallpapers

Words: Rachel Balzan Demajo – SAKS Interior Design & Decoration

Novice home owners are often thrown into the deep end when it comes to design choices.

In an age of endless choices, where nearly everything is customizable and available, how do we make decisions that are both going to stand the test of time, and give us a good return for our money? 

Of course many have their own tastes and preferences, as they leaf through various magazines and the internet for inspiration, and have access to a plethora of options at hand. But the real challenge is piecing it altogether, for it to make sense, in one cohesive style, or a medley of, that seamlessly fit and not stick out. This is where guidance is key. There are some basic principles of style that must be adhered to. 

Style is personal yes, but design is a hybrid between art and function. We all want beautiful things, but we want our beautiful things to fit a purpose and not just look good. We want that stunning lampshade, to go with our intended décor but also to give the right amount of ambient lighting in the room. It’s pointless flooding the room with spots in a soffit, for example, if the intended décor, is more classic contemporary. 

The design of your lighting and ceiling is fundamental to the entire mood board of a specific space. Colours must blend, contrasts although can work in certain situations, are typically very strong and bold. 

Daylight is an important consideration of any room. Lots of daylight or the lack of it, will determine your window dressings - blinds, or curtains, sheers or drapes. 

Functional sectioning must be considered when scouting around for new furniture, as not only should they complement each other 

in any given space, but they should work for the intended function 

and use. 

Two armchairs, a single or a three-seater sofa? Central pendant, wall lights or soffit lights? Custom or not custom? Wallpaper or not? The dilemmas are so many! 

I believe the hardest challenge is deciding on colours, for the base and also accent colours, and whilst many know what they like, they find it hard to put it together, added by the additional challenge of disparity of tastes with their partner perhaps, or conflicting opinions from family and friends. 

Truth is that interior decorating will be an ongoing process, and whilst the initial hurdle can easily be covered by a trusted designer/decorator, the ongoing elements and mini changes will be enjoyed by home owners for many years to come. 

So trust the process, and look for guidance in someone you can relate to, or are inspired by, because design transcends to lifestyle, fashion, music, ethos and other artistic elements that make up the signature look of every professional out there willing to help you. 

Find your inspiration in your inspirator, and work with him/her to merge your ideas into one structured and well thought out plan, giving you a reason to smile every time your enter into your own space. 

Let’s chat 😊

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