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May 20, 2023 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2023 issue

Construct Furniture – Your one-stop shop for an all-inclusive furniture range

At Construct Furniture, the ambience is all about family! The majority of its 140 employees are actually related, but the other employees of this family-run business are also considered part of the clan.

This camaraderie is also extended to customers, and a welcoming atmosphere is immediately felt on entering their recently renovated premises in Luqa. 

Founded by Bridget and John Agius, the company has been operating since 1985, initially manufacturing vanity units and kitchens, then from 1990 onwards, slowly increasing the products on offer until they evolved into the full portfolio available today.

“We wish to shake off the misguided impression that you can only buy doors at Construct Furniture,” stated Matthew Mamo, the Marketing Coordinator, as he gave us a tour of their stunning 2,500sqm showroom. “We have the complete package and ability to furnish every single room in any home or corporate space.’’

 The majority of the furniture is manufactured from scratch in the state-of-the-art factory located in-house.


Selective and Premium Doors are made-to-measure, featuring over 60 designs and various colour options. The solid door leaf is built from one complete sheet, making the doors extremely sturdy. An innovative range of honeycomb doors was recently introduced, offering highly competitive prices due to more efficient manufacturing and installation processes.

The bedrooms come in two categories: modular and full sets. The modular bedrooms may be designed according to room size, with tailor-made preferences offered from a wide selection within the company library and the added bonus of mixing and matching furniture pieces.

With bedroom sets, you can still choose from various size and colour combinations. Shelves and panels are not made from the typical plain 

white chipboard, but are laminated in patterned cotton vizion – which is more resistant to scratches and stains and safeguards against humidity. Eye-catching artificial scenery windows complete 

the picture.

The 22 stylish kitchens on display come in a vast array of designs and colours. They are fully customisable, with innovative design elements including wine chillers, functional wall systems, and concealable units for offices or studio apartments.

The office area provides an extensive choice of desks, workstations, and filing solutions to supplement a home or business office. The living room section displays sofas and loose furniture, while a new branch of the company’s portfolio includes home décor and lighting. These items are imported to ensure clients receive the full combination of furniture to complete their spaces.

Construct Furniture offers a multifaceted and unrivalled experience to clients.


Sales and Marketing Director, Rodney Testa, ardently provided the reasons why the company excels. “We import superior raw materials which are both designed and manufactured in Italy. Our finished products are extremely high-end and, yet, very competitive locally.”

“Since we are the designers and manufacturers of the furniture we sell, customers deal with us directly rather than using us as intermediaries for international brands. The lead time from ordering to delivery and installation is between 12 to 16 weeks, with installations completed within 24 hours after delivery. Any required adjustments or replacements are quickly resolved, with no extra charge for spacers needed to fill in any gaps after installation. The product is normally finalised within a week of delivery.”

“After-sales service can make or break a business,” Rodney claimed. “The quality of the product is irrelevant if a client requires a service and does not receive it. Our customer care representative deals with all issues, and we also monitor social media for complaints. We hold weekly meetings and internal auditing to raise concerns and take decisive action. Every single employee receives a one-day induction course at the factory to familiarise themselves with the manufacturing process. These are the factors that help us achieve a better result all round.”


The company invested heavily in efficient software solutions for its operations.


The CAD to CAM solution makes it possible for rooms to be devised on a computer program together with the customer, which is then passed on to the machinery for production. Through the computerised numerical controls (CNC), items are measured in millimetres for accurate results that eliminate human error from the equation.

Construct Furniture typically supplies five kitchens and 80 doors per day, apart from the other ancillary items. Nowadays, they are the only local manufacturer offering a wide spectrum of raw materials, including Spray Lacquer, Melamine, HPL, and PVC.

The enterprise is one of two in Malta certified to manufacture fire-rated doors, which must follow specific production standards and installation methods. The company is licensed to British Standards, and is currently being recertified to meet European Standards. It is also accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification which meets international standards for regulations and client satisfaction.

The company also exports its products, mainly to North African countries – with a foreign office in Libya – as well as to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UK. 

It has a presence in Jordan, including an engineering and export department, to cover the MENA area.


At Construct Furniture, the environment is also safeguarded.


Renewable solar energy is used, together with LED lighting where it is safe to use. Water is drawn from their own reservoir, while a centralised reverse osmosis system provides fresh drinking water. Waste is minimised through the nesting process facilitated by their software and computerised machinery, while any leftover PVC is passed on to a recycler for free. Wood pieces not meeting manufacturing standards are donated to the public for DIY projects. Health and safety is taken very seriously, and the factory is cleaned every day.

Rodney outlined the future plans for Construct Furniture. “We are currently working on introducing ERP, an enterprise planning software solution integrating all the systems within our departments – using a world-leading technology provider – to manage business operations and customer relations. In May 2023, we will participate in the Dubai INDEX Expo, mainly featuring our kitchens and doors, with the intention to further expand our foreign market. My wish is to start manufacturing external doors as well as experimenting with innovative materials.”

 “Our company has been around for over 35 years – we love it like a sibling, we keep it alive, we support each other. And all this definitely reflects on the products that we offer!” 

Construct Furniture

40, Industrial Estate, Luqa

+356 2122 0610

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