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September 18, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn 2019 issue

Make your home feel like new

Spiced Honey is the Dulux colour of the year for 2019. Every year Dulux colour specialists get together with designers and architects to discuss global trends that will have an impact on all our lives. These experts select one key colour that encapsulates these insights to revolutionise homes worldwide. The Dulux colour of the year for 2019 encompasses a key message to ‘let the light in’. The elegant Spiced Honey is an amber shade selected to encourage positivity and optimism. The warm colour is versatile in nature allowing it to be paired with a number of colours. In fact, Dulux colour specialists have created four inspiring palettes with varying moods and styles allowing you to take your pick on the mood you wish to create in your home.

Spiced Honey alongside tender pastel pink creates a place where you can pause, sit and drift away in the moment. Somewhere to find peace and silence. A home that provides a sense of care and tranquillity – the perfect place for daydreams. The honey shade of the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 is the colour you have been looking for to add that touch of elegance or highlight your favourite feature in a room. This can be done by framing the windows of your room with the nourishing Spiced Honey. Using simple cotton and linen fabrics will also add to the relaxed atmosphere.

Another dreamy palette would be to pair the versatile Spiced Honey with a delicate mauve-pink and a soft grey. This palette works beautifully for a young child with a serene and soothing style that is soft, comforting and can only encourage a good night’s sleep. The precious Spiced Honey adds depth and introduces a golden tone to any room even with just a simple strip.

The warming colour can also be used to create a timeless and tranquil space. Spiced Honey paired with shades of pastel green and cream create a dreamy, ethereal look that oozes a sense of low-key elegance. A touch of Spiced Honey on kitchen cabinets instils a sophisticated look for a contemporary kitchen while also creating a focal point for the room. This sense of tranquillity can also be replicated in bedrooms. The warm caramel-tones of Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 teamed with soft grey is the perfect palette for sleep-filled nights and lazy mornings. This colour scheme with crisp white linens and unfussy artworks will complete the simple look of a peaceful bedroom.

Spiced Honey is incredibly versatile and easy to pair with a range of colours from neutral shades to bright tones. Each colour scheme can achieve a number of atmospheres varying from a calming space to an energizing environment. Whether you are after tranquil and laidback or chic and elegant you can create an ambience that suits you with the adaptable Spiced Honey. The golden tone will inspire you to seize the day and be positive.

Discover the colour combinations that will brighten up your home with Spiced Honey, Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, at Vee Gee Bee in San Gwann or visit

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