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September 8, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn 2018 issue

The life of an artist – Justine MB

Justine MB explains as she once read “The artist isn’t just someone who paints, draws or plays music.”

The artist need only be a thinker, someone who questions all things around him and wonders at the universe. Justine MB as an artist and all those who know her, likes to ask why, and she likes to ask how. She sees the beauty in all things, large and small.

The artist values freedom above all else. Freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and freedom to present new ideas without ridicule.

The artist is an emotional empath. She absorbs the feelings and moods of those around her and what she sees in front of her. This is a primary source for her inspiration, and a power that holds sway in her mind. From her village portraits painted in oils to their patience of staying still as models, from her watercolours of sailing boats shown here in this article to the stormy seas that create movement in her paintings, from animals she adores painted on canvas to their beautiful expressions they convey of receiving attention and being loved, and from everyday skies to dramatic ones, lending her landscapes and seascapes full of energy.
Without emotion and without strife, there is no serious and substantive art. An artist is guided by anger, lust, sorrow, laughter and joy – some by only one, some by all of them.

The thinking artist is continually searching for broader perspective. Justine MB is looking for the reason behind things, and the reason for being. A part of her life can be described as a search for new perspectives and new vistas of perception and thought.

The true artist knows that the ultimate creative state is the absence of fear. Fear of what others might think, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of herself in her own mind. Innovation is an uphill battle with narrow-mindedness and complacency.

The life-long artist ultimately creates for herself, but is highly pleased when others find her work appealing. It means that she shares a common connection to the people who find her work equally as interesting. This is when Justine MB holds her exhibitions for her work to be shared amongst others.

Her last participation at Citta di Fabriano, an Italian city in the Marche region last May 2018 was the Watercolour International Convention of the 9th edition of “FabrianoInAcquarello”. It was among the eighteen Maltese artists selected, of which Justine MB proudly exhibited her watercolour known as “Silent Beauty at the Marina” displayed in this article. Fabriano in Acquarello strongly follows the convention with mutual support and sharing of experience in common passion. The painting had been printed in the World Convention catalogue of 1,438 watercolourists, their goal being to join in the world event communities. Fabriano in Watercolour writes “Art will be our link: water, pigments and paper are the beloved media to open the heart, art is the aim that can make all the creative mind to be part of… merging together a large community that we felt was already very powerful in creativity and technical skills, but fragmented. We thought watercolourists would deserve such an International Convention”

Justine MB shares this experience of her participation of life as an artist with great passion.

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