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March 6, 2024 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn-Winter 2023 issue

Mediterranean Scaffolding Limited – 30 years of excellence in scaffolding services

For three decades, Mediterranean Scaffolding Limited (MSL) has been an integral part of the Maltese construction industry, ensuring safety and efficiency on countless projects. Founded as an offshoot of Mediterranean Building Finishes Ltd (MBF), MSL has evolved into the premier scaffolding company in Malta. MSL’s journey has been defined by its rich history of exceptional services and innovative solutions, resulting from its inherited legacy of outstanding operations.

MSL’s roots trace back to its parent company, MBF, which is renowned as one of Malta’s finest finishing contractors. With an impressive portfolio of major projects entrusted to MBF, the need for safe and reliable scaffolding became apparent within all its undertakings. Consequently, MSL was conceived – initially serving MBF’s requirements before later expanding to cater for the exigencies of third-party clients, supporting both extensive as well as small-scale assignments.

Safety has always been one of MSL’s top priorities. 

The company employs a dedicated team of fully certified scaffolders, ensuring that every project is executed with the utmost care and expertise. These professionals regularly undergo refresher courses to remain updated with the latest health and safety measures, while guaranteeing a secure working environment.

Additionally, all the scaffolds erected by MSL are fully certified by independent health and safety officers. This commitment to reliability and required certification ensures that every scaffold meets industry standards, providing peace of mind to clients and workers alike.

Over the years, MSL has found creative ways to leverage its scaffolding expertise through ingenious solutions. In fact, the company has transformed scaffolds into colossal advertising boards, a common practice generally seen in major European cities. 

This unique service offers potential advertisers an opportunity to promote their brands in prominent locations. This demonstrates MSL’s versatility and resourcefulness.

In conjunction with their scaffolding services, MSL also offers the option of hiring electric site lifts and platforms. 

These versatile tools play a crucial role in modern construction in a number of ways:

  1. Efficient Vertical Transportation: Electric site lifts are used to transport personnel and goods to various floors in building sites, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labour.

  2. Effective Waste Disposal: These lifts are invaluable for disposing of building waste in a clean and efficient manner, contributing to a safer and more environmentally friendly construction process.

  3. Façade Work Made Easy: MSL’s platforms are essential for carrying out various works on the façades of buildings. Whether the task involves maintenance, repairs, or renovations, these platforms provide access to potentially challenging areas.

With a remarkable 30-year journey of excellence in scaffolding services, Mediterranean Scaffolding Limited (MSL) continues to be a driving force in Malta’s construction sector. From its inception as a subsidiary of MBF to its innovative advertising solutions and diverse equipment offerings, MSL remains committed to safety, quality, and efficiency. 

As the go-to choice for scaffolding and related services, MSL is definitely poised for another three decades of success within the industry. 

Mediterranean Scaffolding Limited

Forming part of Mediterranean Building Finishes Ltd (MBF)

70, Riviera Court/2, Forrest Street, St Julian’s

+356 2137 4454 / +356 9905 4321 / +356 9949 3086

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