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September 1, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn 2018 issue

Pianca… ideal style and affordability

Words Charis Mallia

onepercent presents the Italian brand Pianca as the ideal balance between style and affordability. A perfect solution for those who wish to furnish their homes with a designer touch and great quality materials.

Pianca was first introduced in Malta in 2003, but onepercent opened the monobrand store on Valley road, Msida in August 2017. The showroom showcases pieces from the entire collection offered by Pianca and is an excellent example of the style and craftsmanship that is to be expected by the customer. With over 500 colours of lacquers to choose from, a huge variety of fabrics for upholstered pieces and creative ideas for wardrobes and walk-in-wardrobes, onepercent|Pianca is a great destination among designers and architects and those clients with a creative touch.

Pianca excels in the beautifully lush living room options with some to-die-for sofa fabrics and colours. You can be as playful as you want! The latest addition to the collection are the carpets that are more than ever becoming an essential accessory to decorate any room in the house. Aside from the function of the carpet, adding a touch of colour may bring together the rest of the pieces in the room to create the perfect ambience for your space.

This brand and it’s 65-year heritage, it’s growth in the export of furniture to 50 countries, and it’s constant presence at the Salone del Mobile since the first edition, attest for the superiority of the company in the furniture industry. The company’s largest asset is most certainly Mr Pianca’s passion and investment in the 75,000 m² factory that is constantly being reinvented with the introduction of the latest machinery to offer the end user the latest in design details for their home décor.

Italy’s forte in the past years has been the ‘made in Italy’ trademark that continues to dominate in the world of design. Pianca recognize that memory and tradition play a pivotal role in the strength of this trademark and they seek to continue building on the heritage left by the old Italian carpenters to structure their story – starting first from the knowledge of carpentry to shape the future and innovation of their collections. In this way they continue combining experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to their customers.

Pianca, as mentioned earlier is very tied to its roots and Italian tradition of craftsmanship. However, they also take a very modern approach in their creative process. The values of any brand are important to note, but in the case of Pianca two of their core values stand out the most. The first is their insistence on explaining to the end customer their growing awareness to ensure that the environment is being respected. The wood used to make Pianca furniture comes from certified forests, with controlled harvesting against deforestation and the factories are 60% self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption, thanks to the use of photovoltaic solar panels. Furthermore, offcuts are used to produce energy to heat kilns, and the packaging systems are 100% recyclable.

Their second staunch belief that stands out, is the one true mission of industrial design; that is the technical and aesthetic concept that the creation of products can improve people’s lives. What is more admirable is the brand’s insistence that young talent and emerging designers should be rewarded and recognized. They are tomorrow’s big names and these are being discovered thanks to brands like Pianca. The Pianca design team combines creativity and advanced production technology to give modern, logical, elegant furniture systems that are presented yearly to the market. This is the only way that the Pianca brand becomes known to customers as unique and unmistakable, while remaining constantly true to itself; the epitome of contemporary elegance.

Pianca is designed and made in the renowned northern area of Gaiarine, near Treviso – from this area the elegance and luxury of Italian-made products is then exported across the globe and to Malta.

onepercent as a trusted, selected trained retailer, offers the highest guarantees of quality from service to assembly. With an increasingly customised service, onepercent and Pianca strive to meet the customer’s requirements by offering the maximum flexibility in furnishing systems. A lot of study goes into understanding a retailer’s approach to modern living, and this is precisely what Pianca guarantees – a designer home at competitive prices.

onepercent|Pianca, Valley Road, Msida
Tel: 2546 5000


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