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January 22, 2024 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn-Winter 2023 issue

How to illuminate the Living Room

Words: Petra Cutajar

The living area is one of the most complex rooms of the house to illuminate because it is a versatile space intended for different activities. A key element that can transform the atmosphere of the living room is lighting.

To create a balanced and welcoming environment, the arrangement of the light points is particularly important and must be studied in detail in relation to the way in which this space will be used, choosing lighting that is functional and suitable for different activities.

Natural light is the first protagonist of the living area, which must then be completed thanks to studied lighting, in line with the style of furniture and the entire environment. To arrange the light points in the living area you must first of all start from the overall dimensions of the room.

In environments with a smaller size, the choice of a single light point may be sufficient, such as a suspension lamp or a large chandelier or even a ceiling mount decorative light. The suspension becomes the central point of the environment, a light that is not only functional and able to provide the greatest contribution of light, but also an element with a strong aesthetic impact that connects to the style of the environment. The size of the lamp must be proportionate to the size of the room, and integrate with the different and functional light points such as floor lamps or table lamps to be placed near sofas or armchairs for reading or near the TV area.

In a larger or open space, in addition to the use of pendant lamps and functional lights, it is important to correctly illuminate the different areas, from the sofa to the dining table to the bookcase, choosing an effect lighting that integrates with the style and shades. In this case it is possible to create good ambient lighting through the use of recessed spotlights arranged according to a regular ceiling pattern or use an adequate number of wall lamps to add a touch of style to your living room and create interesting lighting effects.

Wall lamps are a versatile solution by providing a valid alternative to pendant lights so as not to further reduce the perception of space when the ceiling of the living room is not very high.

Adjustable spot spotlights or light blades may be used to highlight a square, a display case or to enhance the details of an accent light coating.

Using dimmable lights in the living area also allows you to vary the light from dim and intimate to intense and formal according to the atmosphere we want to create at a precise moment, thus adapting the lighting to the different needs of use of the space.

In conclusion, lighting plays a fundamental role in defining the atmosphere and functionality of the living room. By incorporating tiered lighting, natural light, and thoughtful design choices, you can create a cozy, adaptable space that adapts to your needs and enhances your overall living experience. 

Light Design Solutions 

90A, Salvu Psaila Street, Birkirkara

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