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August 12, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Summer 2015 issue

The make-up of your home

Design is part of our everyday lives; it is who we are and who we aspire to be. Let your home be your canvas and your wall colour your spirit! After all, paint is like make-up: easy to apply, easy to change and most of all it is fun! Like your make-up it accentuates your natural potential and highlights your best features.

The choice of wall colour in a space translates the ambiance of a room immediately. The most important thing is not to be afraid, be bold and daring. The effects will be revolutionary, I assure you. It’s easy to fall into to the trap of white-washing your entire house. However it may reflect a sense of boredom and lack of personality. Your home is where you make your memories and escape your troubles so match these sentiments and create a space worthy of your smiles and laughter. Be inspired by the things you love and use the paint as a foundation for all your treasures.

The hallway of your home is like your C.V, it introduces who you are in a nutshell. Make it pleasant, approachable and inviting. Colours such as magnolia, off-white, fawn or Earthen cream 2 are a great backdrop for this space. Think Parisian chic. Simple and uncomplicated while ensuring a sense of mystery for the rest of the house.

When it comes to your downstairs guest bathroom you can go a step further. It needs to be smart and presentable with soft touches and quirky items that can enhance the humour of the space. Nocciola tones or even Mauves, or a dusty lilac such as Brooklyn Nights moving toward muted Coral Flair 2 act well with romantic lighting and provoke a ‘Marie Antoinette’ flirtatious feeling which suits the character of this small proximity.

The kitchen, which I find to be the heart of the home, is perhaps the most important space of an interior. Now is the time to deter from the obvious and go dark. Don’t be frightened of Black, onyx and a Chalk Blush, Grey Steel and birch compliment the fabrications of a kitchen so well. These colours absorb the natural light, contrast superbly with neutral toned surfaces and brass and silver accessories of a kitchen. Dark shades also allow versatility in the space. It makes an area rich and luxurious for both day and night time use.

Travelling into the living area, the possibilities are endless! Here is the chance to really showcase your personality and create a space true to who you are. Be inspired by what ticks your boxes, what makes you relax and ultimately what brings you the most enjoyment in your life. Expressing this in your living room will set the vibe for a cool and entertaining space.

I like to take reference from old Hollywood movies and how every moment of the day is glamorous. Nature is a great inspiration. Sky Blues such as Summer Medley 5, a Dove Slate Grey or a Sage Green with accents of citrus tones are all a good direction to take when developing the first layers of this room. This colour palette is fresh and looks great with both contemporary and classic pieces, idyllic for the center of a home. Creating a certain ease in the room will put you and your guests into an instant mode of relaxation, a key factor to good interior design is considering these personal aspects.

The dining area is really the best place to experiment, and keep up with exciting trends. A personal favourite is ombre. It is a trend in fashion and homeware alike, reflective of one colour fading into another. What is so great about this technique is that it is straightforward and easy to achieve. The artistic quality gives the room a picturesque quality which is ideal for entertaining. Eggshell tones fading into a Sapphire Springs Blue make a great combination and suit the paint effect marvellously.

Moving towards the second level of the house, which holds that most personal of rooms, the main bedroom. Your resting space should instill a sense of peace and tranquility while washing away your troubles. Romance and peace are two cohesive themes to relate to. Paint effects are a classic and trendy way of giving this room a decorative finish.

Evoke the feel of a centuries old Italian Palazzo with a rough-lux look. Use Vanilla Mist with Coffee Stain to create this effortless effect. This look suits walls that already have imperfections and makes virtues of them. Simplicity is the dominant factor; leave the drama to the bed, fabrics and accessories to make a statement. The effect of colour washing transforms the room into a scene out of Romeo and Juliet, an escape of true desire.

The best way of choosing the optimal palette for your home is to simply think about the mood you want to create. Thus each individual area will have its own character. Using a linking colour throughout the house will give a sense of uniformity and contrast nicely with the bold colours of the main rooms. Mix it up, be inspired and most importantly don’t be afraid! Injecting a little colour into your home is so refreshing, as well as being one of the most economical ways to change up an interior without breaking the bank. Win-win!

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