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July 14, 2023 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2023 issue

Mediterranean Building Finishes Ltd (MBF) offering limitless services for small- to large-scale projects

It is a common misconception that certain companies may specialise in only one field or choose the type of projects that are feasible in size for the business to undertake. This is certainly not the case with MBF Ltd, the renowned finishing company run by Kevin and Keith Camilleri.

With numerous large-scale projects under their belt, the father and son team, nevertheless, offer 

a setup that caters for small- to medium-sized undertakings all the way through to the largest projects Malta has ever seen. They are firm believers that small projects generate more prospective clients. This belief stems from their ability to carry out any required work efficiently and professionally – even smaller finishing tasks – leading any client to figure out that the company should also be highly recommended for larger projects, with the endorsed faith that they would deliver them with the same competence.

In its early years, MBF Ltd commenced operations mainly offering trades which included external renders and Maltese stone work renders, as well as introducing internal gypsum plasters into the Maltese market, together with painting and special plastering works, such as Venetian plaster. With 32 years of experience in the industry, the company can boast about introducing a vast array of trades into this field. In fact, certain special renders that seem like they were launched in the industry only recently have already been offered by MBF Ltd for several decades.

Through the years, the company expanded its services, with the inclusion of gypsum boards and wall insulation systems. In the last decade, MBF Ltd also introduced membrane works, concrete screed works, tile laying, general maintenance tasks, and dismantling works.

It is evident that, when it comes to wet trades finishes, MBF Ltd has you covered. 

The company has carried out hundreds of small to medium types of projects over the years, within apartments, small houses, townhouses, and old houses. If a client simply wishes to paint the walls, change the tiles in their bathroom, maintain their roof with top-grade membranes, or any other household upgrade or maintenance, MBF Ltd will provide the service with their typical expertise.

Their services also span from domestic buildings to commercial establishments. Their portfolio has enhanced scores of small shops, outlets, offices, gyms, and entertainment areas, with all types of projects covered. Furthermore, the company understands the needs of the industry, has vast knowledge of time restrictions – for instance, in towns like Sliema and Valletta – and employs a flexible workforce who would be willing to work according to any project the company encounters.

No matter how small your project is, do not hesitate to contact MBF Ltd.

The crucial point for professional services is the setup of a company, what type of workers it employs, what materials are provided, and how efficient it has been in commencing and carrying out the projects in its portfolio. 

MBF Ltd is a comprehensive company which considers most projects within its remit, no matter the size of operations required. More importantly, if they cannot offer the service themselves, Kevin and Keith will always assist their client in finalising their project in the most efficient way possible, and they will not hesitate to recommend companies that have been involved with MBF Ltd for many years. MBF Ltd certainly offers an all-round professional service for your finishing requirements!

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