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January 18, 2024 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn-Winter 2023 issue

Mystical creations – Nature’s inspiration combined with abstract creativity to make artistic pieces for any home

The unique creations of Irish artist, Mary Mullins, have recently started to find a place in home décor, with bespoke ceramics now being created to complement her abstract watercolours. Design & Décor speaks to the artist herself to find out what inspires her and what to expect in future.

Photography: Patrick Sant and Jacintha Mullins

Location: Jardinland

Mary Mullins, with her bright blue eyes, infectious laugh, halo of blond curly hair and childlike enthusiasm, is many things to many people. She is a mother, grandmother, wife, graduate in Community Studies and an Emergency Medical Technician. But she is also a woman with a passion, and a talent, for creating unique artworks that infuse an air of mystique, magic and joy into any home environment.

Born in Bristol to Irish parents, Mary moved to Ireland with her family as a child and grew up in an era when television was scarce, the internet was still a thing of the future and a child’s entertainment was their own imagination. 

“Coming from a farming background, my childhood was spent around animals, in nature, surrounded by the lush greenery of the Irish countryside and with the freedom to roam my surroundings and express myself creatively,” Mary explains.

Whilst this freedom and creativity eventually gave way to the responsibilities of adulthood, Mary’s deep appreciation for the joy that art can bring to any environment never waned. “Throughout the years, and I suppose as a result of the vastly different experiences I have lived through, I have really learned to embrace life and its opportunities. Now, at 62, with my children having their own families, I feel it’s a good time to follow my love of art with new eyes and renewed energy and enthusiasm,” she says. “I am thankful to all those who supported me in this journey; in particular, talented artist Karen Campbell, who inspired me to rediscover art.”

One way in which this renewed energy and focus has manifested itself is through the establishment of a small artisanal art studio, ‘Merrow Art Creations’, where new designs and artworks come to life.

Mary’s art could perhaps be best described as mystical and fluid, an abstract interpretation of nature’s own patterns that flow smoothly across the space they occupy. Her art is fundamentally joyful, vibrant, colourful and full of life, yet certain pieces do carry a more subdued aura of the melancholic energies that often accompany the ending of one season and nature’s rebirth into the next.

Even though she is based in Ireland, Mary has longstanding ties with Malta, which go back to the 1980s when her sister-in-law moved here. Her family ties and her love for the sea have meant that Mary has been a regular visitor to the islands for the last 40 years.

This connection is deepening and expanding into the world of design and décor with an initial collaboration in the pipeline with Mediterranean Ceramics for the development of decorative ceramics and pottery.

“My niece, who is Maltese, saw the potential of adapting my designs to ceramics and she took the idea of combining my artwork with the craftsmanship of Mediterranean Ceramics,” she explains. “As a result, we are able to offer decorative pieces that are designed by me but produced in Malta by the talented team at Mediterranean Ceramics.”

As a result of this unique Irish-Maltese collaboration, a limited number of artworks and stunning decorative pieces such as wall plates, serving dishes, vases and pots are in the pipeline and will be available for anyone looking to add a little magic to their interior spaces.

The plan is to also offer bespoke pieces designed for individual clients yet retaining the original characteristics that are the hallmark of Mary’s artworks. 

The future looks bright for Mary and her newly established studio ‘Merrow Art Creations’. Collaboration with producers of complementary pieces, such as ceramics and textiles, means that the original artworks can not only be mounted on a wall but also complemented by other decorative pieces within the same space creating a truly unique, colourful and joyful vibe within a home or office environment. 

For more information on Mary’s arts, or to discuss the creation of bespoke pieces, please contact Merrow Art Creations on

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