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July 5, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Clueless about what to cook?

Wouldn’t it be great if your oven could suggest some fresh ideas, and guide you on how to prepare your meal step by step? What if it could also send your shopping list to your phone, based on the recipes you choose to cook for the week? 

In an era of smartphones, smart watches and smart TVs, why shouldn't kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves and induction hobs also be smart? So smart, one might even say that they have a mind of their own? 

On the forefront of the kitchen appliances industry, Whirlpool have taken on this mission and developed a range of cutting edge W11 appliances with 6th Sense functionality like never before. Taking the guesswork out of the kitchen, Whirlpool have created a super easy user interface with up to 100 automated recipes, whereby the temperature/cooking mode is adjusted automatically for perfect results every time. 

If you’re a meat lover, you’re going to love this next feature. Thanks to the oven's temperature probe which gets inserted into a cut of beef, all you have to do is simply select whether you want your meat done rare, medium or well done and the oven will automatically cook it until the desired cooking level is reached. It even lets you choose the browning level. Simple right? 

For those who are a bit more old-fashioned, don’t worry, there is also the option to manually set the temperature. The best part? You don’t need to stay constantly checking if the food is ready because the oven connects to your phone and will notify you once the food is done. 

The fun doesn’t stop there as smart functionality is also integrated within the perfectly matching microwave, induction hob and coffee machine of the same range. They also feature these automated recipe programmes, and beyond that additional special functions according to that appliance. Take the induction hob, for example. Not sure what level to set the heat? The hob will recommend the best level whether you want to fry, boil, simmer or anything else. Worrying about cooking just became a thing of the past.

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