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December 16, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Winter 2019 issue

Create a soothing home with Spiced Honey

Spiced Honey, Dulux colour of the year 2019, proved to be a very popular colour and we completely understand why. Spiced Honey encompasses a key message to ‘let the light in’ and has the potential to revolutionise homes worldwide. This warm yet elegant colour is versatile in nature allowing you to pair the tone with a variety of colours and create your desired ambience at home.

Spiced Honey can be incorporated in a number of inspiring palettes. Trying to create a peaceful bedroom? An elegant mix of warm neutrals, with the rich tones of Spiced Honey at its heart, sets up a mood of calm and contemporary comfort. Mid-century modern furniture and brass and copper detailing give an edge that is contrasted with tactile velvets and soft knitted fabrics. This palette, including other colours such as Feather Pillow, Angora Blanket and Finest Burgundy, was inspired by a need to find somewhere for clarity and contemplation – a place to think. This is a smooth, polished and refined look but with a relaxed edge. It’s about achieving a balance between boutique hotel chic and real house warmth.

Spiced Honey can also be used to create laid-back luxury in the living room. Combined with a colour such as Leather Case, Spiced Honey makes a strong statement with its almost glowing amber tones, emphasised by the complementary warm neutrals that are used around the windows and to create a border next to the pale grey ceiling. Warm tan leather and graphic art and objects add to this striking and sophisticated look.

The stylish colour combinations with Spiced Honey are endless. The golden tone can be used to create a refined yet comforting child’s room. A bedroom which combines Spiced Honey with colours such as Finest Burgundy, Soft Stone and Smooth Maple creates the perfect ambience for an older child. This colour scheme inspires a relaxed atmosphere that is equally suitable for study or calm contemplation. Rich burgundy sits beautifully with warm neutral accents including Spiced Honey while a graphic circle shape painted on the wall makes a cool talking point. Woods, leathers and knits bring a tactile feel to the room.

This simple sophisticated look can also extend into the kitchen. Paired with colours such as Cobalt Night, Spiced Honey creates subtle drama which lies in the contrast between its offbeat shades. You can add a golden tint to intense charcoal-blue cabinets and neutral-pink walls with the versatile Spiced Honey even with just a slender stripe near the ceiling. Graphic artwork and copper accessories complete this quirky but refined look.

Feeling inspired? Discover the colour combinations that will brighten up your home with Spiced Honey, at Vee Gee Bee in San Gwann or visit

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