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September 30, 2021

Per Mare - Per Terras


Monterosola Winery launches its two new signature wines capturing a journey through history and heritage: Per Mare - Per Terras

Resting on a hilltop plateau overlooking the medieval city of Volterra sits one of Tuscany’s most innovative contemporary wineries, Monterosola. A rare and inspiring viniculture enterprise successfully blending tradition with technology. Monterosola has played a significant role in successfully placing Volterra on the prestigious wine map of Tuscany.

The cantina’s latest wine releases Per Mare and Per Terras pay homage to the journey Monterosola has taken in becoming the outstanding organic winery it is today. A project filled with passion and commitment, Monterosola is the culmination of the Thomeaus family’s shared ambition.

Per Mare and Per Terras jointly celebrate a journey filled with passion and determination. The trademarks of the Thomaeus family’s shared philosophy in both life and business. The family crest and the bold character of these wines symbolize an epic journey taken by both sea and land.

The story of these two outstanding wines in fact begins in the Scottish Islands several hundred years ago. In 1615 the Thomaeus family’s ancestor the Lord of the Isles and leader of the MacDonald Clan, Angus Oig Mor was brutally beheaded on the orders of Sir John Campbell of Calder. MacDonald’s wife and children fled Scotland and took the dangerous and lengthy journey by sea eventually landing in Sweden. The family happily settled in the land of the Vikings where the family grew and MacDonald’s grandson became a priest. A faithful vocation that incredibly spanned seven further generations of priests.

400 years after the original MacDonald clan’s epic journey by sea and by land, their direct descendants the Thomeaus family also undertook an impressive adventure of passion and discovery.

With their immense love of Italy and its wine, the Thomeaus family were eventually drawn to the Etruscan land of Volterra, more specifically to Monterosola. Here in the very heart of Tuscany the family together with a skilled team of winemakers have established an impressive agricultural enterprise. Utilising the latest technology alongside traditional winemaking practices Monterosola produces wines that typify the unique character of the Volterroir.

This season Monterosola celebrates the release of its two new trademark labels:

  • Per Mare - The journey by sea. This wine reflects the anticipation of exploring new territory, and the expression of plenty.

  • Per Terras - The journey by land. This wine holds the elements of refinement. Of laying down roots and finding your own unique expression.




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