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May 2, 2023

It’s Gin O’clock!


Words Charlot Farrugia

In recent times, Gin has taken over the bar scene in Malta. In the past, it was consumed mainly in springtime, and people would usually stick to three to four known brands. Now, it is a staple drink all year round, and people are experimenting with different brands and flavours.

The base spirit for Gin can be made from either cereal or fruits and then re-distilled with the addition of botanicals, herbs, spices, fruit, and most importantly, the juniper berry, which gives its name to this beloved spirit. There are many different styles of Gin available, but the most popular ones are the London Dry, Sloe, and Infused Gin.

Gin can be served in many different ways, depending mainly on personal preference, but most importantly, according to the style of Gin being consumed. The most famous way to drink Gin is with tonic and a slice of lemon; however, one needs to be careful which brand and type of tonic to use. Cheap tonic can ruin or alter the flavour of premium Gins, so we recommend the range of Thomas Henry tonics, as they are good-quality tonics that elevate and compliment your Gin.

Another popular way of drinking Gin is to mix it in a cocktail, the most famous being the Negroni, which is made of equal parts of Gin, Campari, and Vermouth. Take your Negroni to the next level by using Tanqueray 10 which is a premium Gin that has citrus fruits as its base. Then, for the Vermouth, opt for the Carpano Antica Formula, which is the oldest Vermouth brand in the world, dating back to 1786.

Some Gins are so elegant and have such a soft palate that they can be served just on ice. Adamus Organic Gin is one of them, made with organic grapes and botanicals. This Portuguese Gin can be served on ice with just a slice of lemon. 

Glassware is another key factor in enjoying your Gin. Make sure to use a large Copa Glass, but even a red wine glass will do the trick. Add in large ice cubes, so you do not end up with a watered-down drink. As a garnish, do not stick to just lemon, but pair the right garnish according to the Gin you are serving. One brand that helps with this is TeTonic, which has a range of garnishes that you can choose from. You can also experiment with Gin infusers to really spice up your Gin-filled afternoons. 

One is definitely spoilt for choice with the selection of Gins available on the market, so have a browse and experiment, then sit back and enjoy your Gin – one bottle at a time!

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