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Bikeworld for adrenaline lovers with a passion about motorbikes



July 19, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Bikeworld for adrenaline lovers with a passion about motorbikes

Words Malcolm J. Naudi

Bikeworld, dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for modern day urban mobility, has just opened in Mdina Road, Żebbuġ.

Focusing on safety, quality, value and sustainability, the new outlet is committed to delivering the highest quality and latest innovations from leading motorbike brands worldwide.

At Bikeworld, the objective is to keep clients mobile with a minimal environmental impact. They make it their mission to raise awareness and promote the adoption of new electric transport for a better Malta.

Imagine how much time you could save on your daily commute if you had to switch to a motorbike or a scooter. Picture yourself cruising around the island, experiencing the open air, with the wind brushing along your face, and being totally immersed in your surroundings.

“We understand that change is not easy, and there are many concerns, especially by those who never rode a motorbike before,” a spokesperson for Bikeworld said. 

“Our team is dedicated to offer services and support to help you make the right choice.

“With an unwavering focus on quality, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and full driving enjoyment to our customers. We have selected a range of helmets and apparel to make riding a motorbike safer and more secure.

“Our products are designed to meet the uncompromising demand for the highest standards of protection and comfort on any trip you take.”

Two leading brands you will find at Bikeworld are Silence and TiSTO. Silence e-scooters are the optimal solution for individuals and companies seeking a low cost, high-quality mode of transport. Silence is the biggest specialist EV manufacturer in Europe and the only electric motorcycle manufacturer in the region to manufacture its own batteries.

All Silence e-scooters are just like a regular scooter: simple twist-and-go throttle, and front and rear brake levers. All models come with a selection of driving modes (ECO, City and added Sport mode on the S01 and S02) as well as reverse gear.

The scooters are powered by a lithium-ion battery system. Their ingenious ‘click-and-go’ release portable battery and innovative trolley system allow charging to take place at any 240-volt socket – at home, at the office or anywhere else.

TiSTO, on the other hand, have a line of electric scooters that provide reliability, efficiency and a flawless mode of transportation. All e-scooters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and provide the rider with many modern features. TiSTO e-scooters are designed to be practical for delivery applications and to bring joy to all, from learners to those who want to discover freedom on two wheels.

These are some of the features of TiSTO e-scooters:

  • acoustic vehicle position detection. Forgot where you parked your bike? Simply activate with the key and listen to where you scooter is calling you from;

  • portable high-performance lithium-ion battery. Can easily be removed from the electric scooter and recharged at home. Charging time is only a few hours;

  • wheel hub motor by Bosch. Scooters are equipped with highly efficient, environmentally friendly wheel hub motors from Bosch. They produce no CO2 emissions and offer full torque from the start;

  • Bluetooth speakers. These are built in so you can always listen to your favourite music even while driving;

  • Eco-mode. Significantly lowers consumption;

  • keyless start system. No need to insert a key to start your scooter;

  • LCD display. See everything at a glance while driving – speed, battery charge level and many other features;

  • USB port. Charge your mobile device while driving;

  • handlebar operation. Use the controls directly on the steering handlebar of your electric scooter;

  • foldable footrest. Equipped with an additional foldable footrest for the passenger;

  • start-up security. When the foot stand is folded out, all functions of the scooter are switched off;

  • LED spotlight. Ensures optimal visibility with the least amount of power;

  • hydraulic disk brakes. These types of brakes offer improved control and braking power, reducing braking distance; and

  • alarm system. All scooters are equipped with a specially developed acoustic alarm system.

There is a wide choice of models in the TiSTO range and 

the range is constantly growing.

With the ever-increasing number of motor vehicles on local roads, its attendant congestion, enormous pollution and fine dust, electric scooters provide an environmentally friendly alternative – emission and noise pollution free. Modern e-scooters offer a completely new driving experience, with a positive environmental balance.

Whether clients are looking for their first motorbike, seeking to build a fleet of electric motorbikes for delivery or they are ready to tour the world on two wheels on the adventure of their dreams, Bikeworld have something to suite every budget.

You can move around flexibly and quickly, park easily and have a clean conscience. With an electric motorbike you will not only save valuable time and money – you will also play an important role in environment and climate protection.

For more information, visit

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