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The all-new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric



December 8, 2021

The all-new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

This will be the first model to be 100% ‘Made in ElectriCity’, Renault Group’s new industrial hub and European leader of EV vehicles located in the North of France!

Renault Group was the first to believe in all-electric mobility, and still leads the way. Innovation is in its genes, and electric mobility at the heart of its strategy. With more than 10 years of incomparable experience and expertise, as shown by the 10 billion ‘e-kilometres’ covered by the 400,000 vehicles already sold, the future certainly looks electric!

Sporting Renault’s new ‘NouvelR’ logo, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric illustrates the brand’s transformation: it symbolises how the core of the market is being transformed, represents a gigantic leap forward in all aspects, and is exciting to see and to drive each time. It proudly stands as a uniquely technological car with the interior enhanced by its crowning jewel, the OpenR screen that brings together the instrument panel and multimedia interface all within the same unit.

A new generation of electric vehicles

All-New Megane E-Tech 100% Electric is the first of a new generation of electric vehicles to benefit from the new CMF-EV platform, dedicated to electric vehicles. It offers the opportunity to increase the energy efficiency and range of an electric car while reducing its charging time.

With an extended wheelbase (2.70m for a total length of 4.21m) and reduced overhang offered by the new CMF-EV modular platform, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric features a battery that is thinner than ever (only 110mm) allowing the designers to refine the external proportions while also boosting the car’s interior roominess vs footprint ration and lowering the centre of gravity for a more exciting driving experience.

The power and comfort while sitting behind the wheel are also greatly enhanced that’s to an overhaul of the chassis and steering systems and a lowered centre of gravity made possible thanks to the batteries mounted under the floor.

The All-New Megane E-Tech Electric does even more to protect the environment. All upholstery is made of 100% recycled materials and 95% of the vehicle will be recycled at the end of its life.

Breakthrough exterior design

Every drive will feel like a performance thanks to its sleek, aerodynamic lines.

Taking advantage of the power of a platform designed for EV models, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric leads the way for the fundamentally electric ‘sensual tech’ design language that will imbue the new model with an elegant yet powerful character.

Features directly inspired from the world of crossovers give a sense of robustness: large 20-inch wheels (18-inch for the entry-level model), protective strips on the lower body and wheel arches, and a high beltline. The line of the roof, wide tracks, and flush door handles feel more like a coupe. The height, spaciousness, and boot volume are reminiscent of traditional hatchback models.

Equipped with high-tech lights and a new light signature, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric comes to life when you approach it, displaying a unique welcome sequence that is enhanced by a string of light and sound effects.

The projector headlamps are made using six reflective panels and are adaptive so it’s no longer necessary to switch between high and low beam – it’s all automatic. The lights also adapt to changes in weather such as rain or fog via a switch located on the dashboard and serve as fog lights.

Each version of the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric incorporates flush door handles. When the driver or front passenger approaches, or when the vehicle is unlocked, the handles hidden in the body automatically glide out. They pop back into place after two minutes of remaining stationary, when the car begins to move forward, or when the doors are locked.

Spacious and high-tech interior

The All-New Megane E-Tech Electric leverages the CMF-EV platform’s best aspects to offer the roomiest interior related to its footprint. Driver and passengers alike enjoy an obstacle-free environment with optimal comfort and a touch of modernity from the new OpenR screen.

Interior space and comfort have been increased thanks to the absence of a drive-shaft tunnel, gear stick and control panel usually integrated on the centre console.

Ready to be left wide-eyed? The exclusive OpenR dashboard combines two screens for an ultimate onboard experience.

The OpenR screen has a display area like no other: a 12.3-inch dashboard screen and a 12-inch (9-inch for the entry-level model) multimedia screen. It incorporates the latest-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 4K multiple display capabilities, and advanced connectivity with USB-C ports.

The ‘instrument panel’ section of the OpenR screen accommodates four different driver displays according to their priorities: driving layout, navigation layout, zen layout, and battery layout. It goes without saying that the dashboard display can be wholly customised. It features five widgets (fuel use, tyre pressure, distance, eco-monitor, music) and eight colour schemes.

In shifting the gear selector behind the steering column and relocating the MULTI-SENSE button to the steering wheel, it freed up more space between the two front seats which now houses a 7-litre storage compartment. There are two additional cup holders and 3 litres of storage located under the central armrest which can slide by 55mm for better comfort. All in all, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric offers 30 litres of on-board storage, the best in its class.

The boot boasts a total volume of 440 litreswhile the charging cables have their own 22-litre storage area accessible via a removable boot floor panel. Boot capacity can be increased with the rear seats folded down in a 60:30 format and the front passenger seat folded up.

The mood lighting in the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric is full LED and based on the human body’s natural 24-hour circadian cycles to optimise the well-being of those on-board. Of course, the lighting mood can easily be changed and altered via the MULTI-SENSE setting interface.


With its brand-new motor delivering up to 160kW with 300Nm of torque and four levels of regenerative braking, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric takes the joy of driving an electric vehicle to new heights.

Thanks to its optimised design, the motor is compact and only weighs 145kg – 10% less than the motor currently used on Zoe, despite a marked increase in both power and torque. Offered in two guises – 96kW (130hp) and 250Nm, or 160kW (218hp) and 300Nm – it takes the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric from 0 to 100kph in just 7.4 seconds.

The All-New Megane E-Tech Electric has been equipped with an optimised regenerative braking system. Active when the gear selector is in the D position, regenerative braking helps recover energy as the car slows down, improving battery efficiency and range while using the brakes less.

The All-New Megane E-Tech Electric comes with a choice of two battery capacities: 40kWh for a range of 300km (WLTP cycle), and 60kWh for a range of up to 470km (WLTP cycle, depending on model). They come with an 8-year guarantee, during which they will be replaced free of charge should they deteriorate to less than 70% of their normal capacity.

Charging times are among the fastest on the market

Up to 400km of mixed driving recovered overnight (8 hours) with a 7.4kW wallbox.

New technological innovations

With the new OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric boasts state of the art technology to provide helpful and familiar apps and services like Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play, while always keeping the system updated. It makes for a unique connected experience like the one of a smartphone or tablet, and combines with a brand-new sound experience thanks to a new partnership with specialist Harman Kardon.

OpenR Link is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and operates by cable or as a wireless system.

Safety and driver assistance

The 26 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric are divided into three categories: driving, parking and safety. They bring the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric to the top of its class in terms of driver comfort and safety for passengers and other road users.

Renault’s well-known Highway and Traffic Jam Companion has been levelled up. Now a contextual ADAS, it can monitor more than just what is happening in adjacent lanes and helps the driver deal with any obstacles they may encounter. Classes as level 2 vehicle autonomy, it is now known as Active Driver Assist.

Active Driver Assist combines contextual adaptive cruise control with “Stop & Go” and Lane Keeping Assist. While adaptive cruise control remains much the same, the new system uses geolocation data and specific maps that include commonly encountered features on urban roads such as roundabouts, speed limit changes, and the angle of dangerous turns. In addition to such events being displayed on the instrument panel, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric can automatically slow to 30kph when nearing a roundabout and then accelerate back to up to speed on leaving.

When the Active Driver Assist has been activated and the car comes to a halt in traffic, the car will pull away again on its own when safe to do so within the next 10 seconds. Any longer and the driver will have to act by pressing the accelerator for the car to start up again.

  • As a way of reducing the likelihood of a collision, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric is equipped with Lane Departure Warning(LDW) and Lane Keeping Assist(LKA). The latter is more advanced than ever with its latest iteration: Emergency Lane Keeping Assist (ELKA). It combines data from the front camera and side radar to automatically centre the vehicle in its lane should it be about to cross a line, if it detects a possible collision from the front or side, or when the vehicle is about to drive off the road.

  • Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (Rear AEB) is an automatic emergency braking system that activates when the driver is reversing. If the rear ultrasonic sensors detect a potential obstacle such as a pedestrian, cyclist, or a pole, the system gives the driver a visual and audible initial warning. If the driver does not react, the system automatically applies the brakes for two seconds to avoid the collision.

  • Occupant Safe Exit (OSE) warns an occupant of an approaching vehicle, motorcycle, or cyclist as they open a car door, to avoid a collision.

  • The Around View Monitor 3D uses four cameras to display a 3D model of the vehicle and visualise its immediate surroundings in 360°. The driver can then move around the vehicle via the touch screen, with a panoramic view of the front and rear of the vehicle to confidently park the car.

  • The Full Auto Park feature is an improvement on the Easy Park Assist semi-automatic parking system. The system is nearly entirely autonomous as the driver is no longer required to change gears between drive and reverse, or to use the accelerator or the brakes during the assisted manoeuvre.

  • The Smart Rear View Mirror uses a camera located at the top of the rear window and displays a real-time view of the road behind on the vehicle’s interior rear-view mirror, giving an entirely unobstructed view, in addition to that seen in the wing mirrors.

  • Like all electric vehicles on European roads, the All-New Megane E-Tech Electric emits an external sound that serves to signal its presence to pedestrians. Known as VSP (Vehicle Sound Pedestrian) and active between 0 and 30kph, it has been completely renewed on this latest model.

Currently awaiting production dates for Malta and pricing, the All-New Renault Megane E-Tech Electric is an exciting demonstration of what the future will look like. In line with environmental challenges, Renault Group’s ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050.

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