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June 26, 2022

Jewelike July

We love July for giving us the chance to walk in our gardens enjoying the beautiful colours of flowering climbers and the fragrance of our summer shrubs and our herbs.

Bougainvillea bracts the jewels of our summer gardens shine and add colour to the picture.

The honeybees are busy pollinating our flowers while the buzzing of the insects calms our frayed nerves and lowers the heartbeat of our motor.

Beautiful Admiral Butterflies are chasing each other through the flowers and hedges. I often wonder what they are after.

The most important task in your gardens during this month is to make sure that the plants do not dry out. Keep your beds tidy by deadheading spent flowers and by cutting back every straggly growth. This helps to prolong flowering, because when old flowers are removed less energy is wasted by the plant in producing seeds.

When watering Zinnia remember to water only the soil and not the leaves as otherwise the plant may rot.

Later this month you may sow seeds of stock.

We also will have to decide which other winter annuals to sow. How about Marigold, Antirrhinum, Nigella, Lobelia, Viola (pansy) and Papaver somniferum (opium poppy)?

We are looking forward to the following month when the beautiful red flowers of Delonix Regia (Flamboyant) cover the branches of this unique tree.

Maurice Mizzi

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