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April 18, 2022

April in the garden

I am hoping that most of my readers will like the photos that I took of my plants growing in my garden.

Most of the plants are indigenous and after flowering and then taking a rest will return the following year with even more flowers.

The plants in my garden are incredibly beautiful and are making the month of April very colourful.

These flowers are not eternal. Eventually their time will be up, and the flowers will fade and the leaves will lose their shine.

Leaves and flowers will then disappear, and we will have to wait for about nine months before we see them coming back.

First, we will see small leaves coming out of the soil. In time the plant will grow again and will produce the beautiful flowers which you see in this short article.

Most of these plants will keep producing flowers for over a month or two. They will then be replaced on our gardens with other kind of spring and summer plants.

Our plants originate from annuals i.e. those plants which grow from the soil, produce their leaves and flowers and after a while they die.

Normally these plants leave their seeds so that we can sow and have the same plants and flowers during the following year.

We can also have plants from bulbs. These bulbs can be bought from a flower shop.

After producing beautiful flowers and then dying they will rest and come the following year will reproduce their leaves and flowers again.

Flowers in our gardens are also produced by shrubs and trees. These produce flowers but most of these plants will retain their leaves even after flowering.

Maurice Mizzi

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