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June 10, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Summer 2018 issue

Make your home feel like new

Photography Courtesy of Dulux

It’s all much easier than it seems. The important thing is to do it the right way. Clever use of paint ideas will breathe new life into the most tired-looking of homes, helping develop your decorating ideas and taking them from inspiration to fact. It can actually make your home feel like a totally different house.

Have a look at these suggestions by Dulux for inspiration and ensure that yours is the correct choice for the proper space and the perfect mood, in every room.

You do not need to be artistic or to possess particular skills to ensure that your home looks picture perfect. The right paint colour and the correct texture for the individual areas can make the difference between a house and a seemingly designer-finished home.

The correct choice of Dulux paint and colour is all it takes to brighten up your walls – inside and outside. It is really very simple… when you know what to do. Paint colour and technique are very important choices as the final result will affect the overall impression of your house and possibly, even your moods.

Walls are big spaces and choosing the wrong colour or selecting the wrong product may upset the equilibrium of your interiors and ruin the effect you hoped to achieve.

Before you reach for the paint charts, go through each room in your home and ask yourself, firstly, what you use the room for and, secondly, whether the room’s current colour fits that function. If not, think carefully about the atmosphere and function you would like that room to have, and choose your colours accordingly. If, for example, your kitchen is dark and gloomy or if you simply want a bright and airy kitchen, why not consider painting the walls a lovely, sunny yellow.

If you really would like a drastic change why not take things a step further and consider swapping the function of two different rooms? For example, if your dining room gets the best sun in the house, why not switch it with your living room? This will give you a lovely light-filled living room, while the dining room, which generally gets used in the evening, will sit quite happily in a darker part of the house.

Make sure you paint the rooms to suit both their function and the amount of light they get. Apple green is a cheerful shade for a sunny living room, while dusky pink is an inviting, opulent choice for a dining room.

The choice can be confusing if you do not have a particular colour in mind. Muted tones are eternally popular, but bold colours are a sure-fire way to inject some vivacity into a tired-looking decorating scheme.

If you’d like to brighten up your home but are wary of going all-out in one go, give bold tones a trial run in a room that doesn’t get much use. If you don’t have a small room to experiment in, try painting a single feature wall, or the wall behind built-in shelves for a more subtly vibrant look.

When you’ve lived somewhere for a long time, it is easy to accumulate things that don’t necessarily go together. Look around you and take stock of what you’ve got. Pick out those items you really love and use these as the basis for your new decorating scheme.

For example, if you have a pretty blue vase, you can use it as the starting point for a sophisticated tonal scheme, with pale blue on the walls and punches of blue in a variety of shades in your soft furnishings and accessories.

Architectural features give interest to any room. You can easily achieve this effect immediately faking them by using Dulux paint. For a traditional dado rail look without the dado rail, paint the lower portion of your walls in a deep shade, with a lighter shade on top. The same applies to those of you who yearn for skirting or coving. You can easily achieve this effect by painting a stripe around the bottom and top of your walls, framing them to create a smart, defined look. Go for deep, dark tones to give the scheme a classic feel.

Dulux offers an amazing number of ways to make your home feel like new again without moving house. Don’t underestimate the power of Dulux paint. It is also a budget-friendly option with easy-to-achieve, instant results.

Dulux is distributed in Malta by Vee Gee Bee, San Gwann

Tel: +356 2138 9690

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