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April 10, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2019 issue

Tiling our living room walls

​​Words Stephanie Falzon

This is the second part of a series of how we can tile the walls in our homes. In this issue, we will be discussing our Living Rooms. The Living Room is the one place where we can have some peace at the end of the day. Watch our favourite TV station or just simply talk with good friends over a glass of wine. But whatever we do in this room, it should be considered our relaxing space.

Since this room should be a tranquil area, our décor must reflect this and the designs we choose should echo our life style. As I mentioned in the first article, there are some considerations that are the same, whatever the room you are going to tile. So lets see them again:

How large is the room?
The size of the room is a very important factor. It will definitely determine what size of tile to use.  The larger formats – including the (75 x 75), (80 x 80) (160 x 80) and even larger ones – are very popular but will they look good in the area you have. Or are you going to have two tiles at the most and a joint? Always try to choose tiles that will fit the space you have.

How much natural light does it have?
Do you live in the top floor of a block or on the ground floor? Can the room take a dark colour or will the whole area look better with a medium to light shade?

How much furniture do you have in the room?
Is the style of the room minimalistic or is it classic? We all know and understand how important storage space is, and if we have various pieces of furniture by the wall that is going to be tiled, then even the colour of our furniture must be taken into consideration.

We need to take into consideration whether you are starting works from scratch or if you already have tiles laid on the floor. For today’s exercise, I have brought you some pictures with parquet looking tiles. And I have decided on these examples, because if you want to give only your Living Room a complete overhaul – walls and floor – the parquet looking tile will blend with all other materials and most patterns, you have laid on the floors of the other rooms in your home.

In the pictures, we have one example of a room where more than one wall was tiled. To do this, the room must be large enough to take this design. We do not want our feature to overpower the room. We can also tile sections of a wall. The portion tiled can be both vertical or horizontal, and if we have high ceilings incorporating two floors, we can create a division and this will help identify each separate floor.

Tiled walls are to be treated like wall papered or plastered and painted walls. Furniture and sofas can be placed by the wall. We can hang pictures on this wall. (If the tile used as a feature has a strong pattern, then it would look better not to hang any elaborate paintings – but minimalistic ones.) We can also hang TV screens with any surround system that we have. We are also seeing cupboards hanging on the tiled walls.

The floor tile and the wall tile can be either the same tile in colour and size. Or they can be different as long as they match well together. When choosing to use two tones, it is always best to choose the same series of a tile but two different shades. That way we can never go wrong. We usually think of dark colours on the floors and light shades on the walls. But – always depending on the room – we can also have light colours on the floors and the darker shade on the walls.

The possibilities are endless. But once again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to get the advice of a qualified designer. If you are not sure, please talk to one.  Mistakes in our line of work are very costly. A designer will not only look at the room as a whole in itself but also as part of your complete home. And of course, my usual advice: choose quality, quality, quality.

Next edition, we will discuss the heart of our homes: the kitchen. For most of us, the kitchen is an extension of the Living Room. But more of this the next time.

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