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June 29, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Summer 2019 issue

Hidden gems in the Mediterranean

Summer’s here, and with it comes the thrill of adventure – what better way to enjoy the sunshine other than jetting off on a fabulous trip? To help with your holiday planning, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hidden gems of the Mediterranean.

Meteora, Greece

We all know that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean, with its gorgeous islands peppering the Aegean Sea. You might have already paid a visit to Santorini, Crete or Corfu – but that doesn’t mean the smaller islands should be overlooked.

Well worth a visit is the island of Meteora, named after meteoric rock which was the foundation for the 24 monasteries of Meteora built during the 15th century. Sadly, after World War 2 and the Civil War, Meteora became uninhabited, having been abandoned by the monks who once lived in the glorious monasteries. This meant that many of the monasteries suffered erosion damage, with many beautiful pieces of art being stolen.

Today, Meteora is preserved and listed by UNESCO as a world heritage and is available for tourists to visit. Meteora remains popular for is rock climbing and amazing photography.

Meteora might not be as popular as Acropolis or Parthenon of Athens but it is definitely one of the most beautiful hidden gems in the Mediterranean.

Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is known for its unique style when it comes to town infrastructure. The country’s main attraction is its extraordinary beaches; and its rich culture stemming from its vibrant history.

The coastal town of Kotor is renown as one of the most medieval hidden gems in the Mediterranean.

Located in the Gulf of Kotor and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the town of Kotor is heavily protected by ancient fortifications; built to protect its townspeople during medieval times. Following the 1979 earthquake of Montenegro, the fortifications were earmarked for preservation as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Kotor also maintains its popularity as a tourist destination for its bay and proximity to gorgeous Montenegrin mountains such as Mount Lovċen.

Tetouan, Morocco

Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally – with many traditions and Moroccan food having made its way across Europe.

One often overlooked destination is the city of Tetouan, one of the most exotic hidden gems in the Mediterranean. Popular tourist attractions include the beautiful beaches, its modern infrastructure, and the friendly locals.

Stemming from the Berber language, Tetouan means “open your eyes” – and this gem of a city is certainly one you’ll need to see to believe. Built in 1309, the city was used as a safe haven by pirates after being destroyed in 1400. Andalusian refugees rebuilt the city before it was destroyed again. Its continued rebuilding is the reason why it’s known for its modern setting. The city boasts a number of World Heritage Sites.

Why hassle?

A summer holiday is just what the doctor ordered to unwind and relax – and you should be able to do so with peace of mind. This is why travel insurance is such an essential – yet often overlooked – component of any trip.

Whether it’s lost luggage, emergency hospital care, or flight delays – a comprehensive travel insurance policy takes the stress our of your holiday by allowing you to focus on what’s truly important – building memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime; and leaving the less pleasant aspects to your insurance company to deal with.

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