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September 28, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn 2019 issue

Custom home cinema surround system

In-door entertainment is one of the autumn seasons’ pleasures and with its custom Home Cinema Surround System, Astral offers state-of-the-art systems that make entertaining an even better experience. Whatever your type of residence it is always nice to have an uncluttered wall space that does not clash with the decor. ASTRAL provides services which are custom built to fit in with your design.

So whether it is a penthouse, townhouse or a palazzo, ASTRAL can recommend and provide the system which best blends in with your style, with finishes such as oak, bronze and brass tones rather than the standard black or white speaker finishes. These finishes are only available from the high-end brand Bang and Olufsen.

In providing a custom service ASTRAL places its attention to your type of light fixtures, matching the speakers according to the shape of the fittings, be they square, round or oval.

The whole package can be designed to your taste as the custom service also means that you can also have speakers custom sprayed depending on the colour chosen for the ceiling allowing it to blend in and camouflaging them till they seem practically invisible. All it needs is the RAL code used to spray the ceiling to ensure the speakers are sprayed using the exact same colour.

The in-ceiling flush mount soffit speaker system is specifically designed for movie and music within a residential environment. The system is supported by all the latest audio formats including Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos and DTS-X.

ASTRAL’s custom Home Cinema Surround Systems not only offer hi-tech systems but do so in a very stylish manner offering a full surround effect with speakers even when they are out of sight. We built surround systems depending on the type of house e.g. modern apartment vs a townhouse. The type of speakers we recommend are totally different.

The Home Cinema Surround Systems are ideal for any indoor area including open plan spaces like kitchens, dining and living rooms. They are especially suitable for those seeking an elegant and efficient solution but are worried that a cinema system will impinge on the décor or create an eye sore with exposed wires.

ASTRAL’s state-of-the-art Home Cinema Surround Systems are especially suitable for discerning customers especially those who don’t like the idea of having visible speakers stuck to the wall or hanging down from ceiling and ruining their carefully selected decor. Our custom service also means that we work hand in hand with designers, project managers and architects to provide the client a complete audio solution that fits well with the house decor. The system does away with not just to the speakers but even to the bulky surround amplifier and other devices such as decoders and other boxes connected to the TV. The system allows for these to be hidden within a closed unit while still allowing full control of the devices inside via an infra-red system.

The system can also be expanded to any other rooms through the installation of speakers installed in a separate zone allowing you to create an ideal atmosphere with the possibility of enjoying background music in, for example, the kitchen while cooking or dining or entertaining in any other room. Astral offers systems which can be used both for entertaining guests with background or party music as well as for watching a movie on TV or a football match.

ASTRAL’s home cinema surround systems offer fantastic sound wherever you want it, employing popular soffit speaker brands for such setups include award winning Bowers and Wilkins, KEF and Bang and Olufsen.

The Bowers and Wilkins systems are an excellent choice if you want near-invisible loudspeakers but refuse to compromise on sound quality. Their Performance Series delivers fantastic sound in an incredibly discreet package, while their Flexible Series is perfect for small spaces with speakers that ensure a fantastic sound everywhere you want it.

KEF approaches the development of architectural loudspeakers with great diligence, combining innovative engineering with sophisticated acoustic design ensures that architectural speakers offer a compelling performance in line with their passion for acoustic excellence. Impeccable cosmetics ensure that the speakers disappear into the surroundings while the unique design features allow for KEF’s architectural speakers to be fitted with the minimum of fuss.

Bang & Olufsen’s Celestial speakers provide great sound dispersion with a unique ability to direct it towards your preferred listening areas. This means better coverage and more flexibility in terms of where the speakers can be placed while still providing a powerful sound experience. While all the sound power is hidden away in the ceiling, the visible speaker grilles remain true to the Bang & Olufsen design philosophy of understated luxury that complements any home interior.

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