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December 18, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Winter 2019 issue

Decorative hand-painted ceramics

Established towards the end of the year 2000, Cosas has been brightening up homes and gardens in Malta and Gozo for nearly twenty years now! ‘Decorative Hand-Painted Ceramics’ basically sums up what we do. Whilst this description encompasses a wide variety of functional and decorative items with constantly changing patterns and designs, our main categories can be summed up as follows:

Hand-painted Ceramic pots

A wide choice of ceramic pots, troughs, wall pots and urns are always available, whether to decorate the facade of your house, your garden, a balcony or terrace, or just a window sill. We stock both bright hand painted patterns as well as plain colours as an alternative.

Hand-painted Ceramic Tiles

These special tiles can be used in a variety of situations and ambiences, yet wherever they are used they give a distinct character and charm to the particular area in question. The combinations are endless and the more creative amongst you will have a field day! Naturally, we are also there to help. Suitable for both interior as well as exterior use, these tiles are more often than not used for small scale applications such as kitchen back splashes, borders, window sills, stair risers, BBQ areas, table tops, ponds and other water features. A selection of tile murals is also available.

Other ceramic items that one can find here include wall lanterns and lamp bases, decorative wall plates, house names and numbers, salad bowls, wall fountains, and a range of decorative animals such as butterflies, birds, fish, etc.

Cosas is not only about ceramics but also other artisanal and hand made items, such as Moroccan bags and baskets and hand woven casual rugs, both being centuries-old manufacturing traditions preserved by craftsmen over the years.

It is items such as those described above that sets Cosas apart from many of the run of the mill high street shops. It is distinctive in character and unusual in its own way.

COSAS – 55, St. Paul Street, Naxxar.

Tel: 2142 1110 / 7900 1606.


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