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December 26, 2019 – Published in Design & Decor Winter 2019 issue

Two old family business’s new venture

Words Patrick Delia

Gio.Batta Delia – 1901

Our love and passion for porcelain and chinaware in general has remained strong and we have had the time to rekindle that spirit and over the last two years or so we have doubled our efforts to bring back a few of the finer names in chinaware to our shores once again to the delight of our established clientele.

Selling through Facebook and by appointment alone has not been as successful as we hoped and we had been looking for that special establishment where certain top brands would immediately feel at home. Customers want a good choice and to physically view and handle products not just admire them on a screen at home or on a mobile!!

Teaming up with Camilleri Paris Mode to retail our Herend Porcelain Collection was an obvious choice and starting from this month they will be exclusively stocking a number of pieces in the Rabat shop.

We are happy with this development and are confident that we will move forward from here to our customers satisfaction.

Camilleriparismode – 1890

For over a century, the camilleriparismode has retailed the finest furnishing and dress fabrics, wallpapers and paints, carpeting, lighting, furniture, technical blinds, curtain accessories, awnings, outdoor furniture, bespoke sofas and a complete range of home accessories to complement the chosen décor of any interior, whether classical, modern or contemporary. Offering a personal and professional service to all their clientele, the fourth and fifth generations of the Camilleri family run one of Malta’s oldest and most respected outlets in Rabat, Sliema and online.

Herend – Beauty to be treasured forever

In their hand-crafted and hand painted porcelain, Herend endeavour to incorporate all the knowledge and experience gained during their more than 180 year tradition of manufacturing. Attention to detail, outstanding craftsmanship, aesthetics, not to mention the pride of the excellent artisans and painters enable them to create artistic shapes and patterns to perfection.

This country town of Herend, with a population of 3500, is situated 130km from Budapest and the factory has a workforce of 1000, of which 450 are painters and 200 shapers of fine, hard, white porcelain, a truly noble material, invented in China over a 1000 years ago and made in Europe since 1709.

From it’s early years Herend Porcelain attracted and won the hearts of the aristocracy in Hungary and all over Europe and later reaching the whole world. This brand is proud to be a supplier to the Royal Families of the United Kingdom and Belgium, The Emperor of Japan, The Sultan of Brunei, The Sultan of Oman and the King of Thailand. Other Royals and prominent families like the Habsburgs and Rothschilds are also regular customers.

This exclusive, hand painted luxury porcelain is found in over 58 countries and boasts of making 16,000 shapes and 5000 patterns. Each piece a masterpiece.

We are primarily focusing on stocking the famous Vieux Herend animal figurines which is the characteristic scale pattern made in different colour combinations. In this collection alone there are over 365 pieces to choose from and prices will vary according to size but mostly because of the decoration. These make excellent gifts to people who appreciate lovely china.

Apart from the unrivalled range of beautiful dinner ware, Herend is also ideal to decorate your walls at home like a painting would. The choice of patterns and sizes makes it ideal to pick a style to fit your room and embellish it. This trend is picking up again.

You the proud owner, through use, instill your porcelain with life and its individual history. At Herend, they design a unique porcelain for the senses of discerning customers like yourselves.

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