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March 31, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2020 issue

When nature and technology join forces

The best of two worlds have come together – exclusively at Villeroy&Boch. Pure-grade quartz crystals are extracted from an open-cast mine and carefully selected for the manufacturing process. They are fine-ground in several stages and continuously cleaned and sieved until quartz becomes Quaryl.

The unique liquid mixture comprising 60% quartz and high-quality acrylic resin can be moulded into any form using a high-precision casting method for the manufacture of Quaryl products. The resulting Quaryl is a unique material with a thickness of up to 18 mm. Thanks to its durability, Quaryl has provided a successful foundation for numerous product and design innovations for years.

Exceptional comfort

Wellness is all about how we feel. With Quaryl, Villeroy&Boch creates a simple and pure feeling of well-being. Thanks to its exceptional insulating properties, Quaryl is pleasantly warm to the touch and offers even more scope for meeting the highest wellness requirements. Practically any Quaryl bath can be fitted with a whirlpool system from Villeroy&Boch.

Only with Quaryl are the invisible jets integrated completely flush with the base and sides. This translates into an immaculate design and perfect comfort, which in turn lead to perfect well-being.

Completely clean and safe

Safety and cleanliness are two priorities in the bathroom. Quaryl is a new material with a smooth, pore-free surface that makes cleaning easier as dirt and limescale have hardly any hold. This ensures a permanent, glimmering shine. As the jets are integrated flush in the material, Quaryl baths are quick and easy to clean. Quaryl products also have slip-resistant properties, creating a feeling of safety.

Stability needs strength

Durable quality needs a certain substance. With a material thickness of up to 18 mm, Quaryl is extremely robust, providing quality that will last a lifetime. Over the years, the material with full-body colouring remains colourfast and resistant to ageing. Villeroy&Boch offers a 10-year guarantee on all Quaryl products in accordance with the relevant warranty conditions.

Uniquely versatile

Incredibly precise, offering a perfect design and ideal functionality, Quaryl combines precision with unique design possibilities. Thanks to the high-precision casting technology, the material can be used to bring designs to life with very accurate edges and small radii. These also enable exact fitting, as well as narrow joints and absolutely flush fitting tiles and surfaces. This opens up a whole new world of bathroom design.

Futurion Flat shower tray: “During installation, the straight edges and corners enable precise and very narrow sealing joints. The silicon joints do not tear because, thanks to its material thickness and flexural strength, Quaryl does not distort,” says Marcus Busse, manager/master sanitary technician, Bender GmbH.

Relax in style

Unique personal design is crucial to creating a sense of well-being in the bathroom. The variety of bathroom ranges and matching Quaryl baths from Villeroy&Boch leave nothing to be desired. This material enables an amazing variety of shapes and designs to complement all furnishing styles. On the strength of their form and function, the baths from the Aveo and La Belle ranges, as well as the exceptional Squaro Superflat shower tray, have scooped multiple international design awards.

Shower and room. A single unit.

Thanks to Quaryl, the shower can be easily integrated into the room. Precise edges and exact dimensional tolerances allow for the narrowest of joints. The Squaro Superflat in particular has an impressively shallow installation depth; the shower tray can be fitted at floor level and becomes a design element that is fully integrated into the room. A variety of colours and various sizes and forms offer tremendous design freedom – whether strong contrasts or flowing transitions, anything is possible.

Quaryl is exclusively available from Villeroy&Boch. The best properties of quartz and high-quality acrylic resin are combined to create products that offer impressive quality and designs.


1. Unique and precise.
Incomparable designs • Small dimensional tolerances • Flush-fit installation • Ideal for the installation of whirlpool systems, precise radii and edges, thanks to unique casting technology.

2. Clean and safe.
Easy to clean as dirt is almost unable to secure a hold • Slip-resistant (tested by TÜV-LGA), smooth, pore-free and closed surface.

3. Strong and robust.
Shock and impact-resistant, non-scratch, sound-absorbing material thickness from eight to 18 mm • Retains its gloss, even after many years of use, is UV-resistant.

4. Warm and pleasant to the touch.
Warm surface • Good thermal insulation, good thermal coefficient thanks to quartz-based material mix.

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