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December 8, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Winter 2018 issue

Tiling our bedroom walls

Words Stephanie Falzon

Tiling our walls is becoming more and more popular and practical. And although we usually associate the shower rooms, bathrooms or the kitchens with tiled walls, we are moving away from the ‘normal’ rooms and experimenting with other rooms in our homes. Let us discuss one of the most important rooms in our homes: the bedroom.

Tiling our bedroom walls might sound different and maybe even a bit unusual, but with a good designer guiding you, the room can be given such a new and unique look.

First of all – there are no rules as to how and which tile to use. Each room is individual and different and the choice of the tile must be decided on depending on many things.

How large is the room?

How much natural light does it have?

How much furniture do you have in the room?

Is your wardrobe in the bedroom or do you have a walk-in wardrobe - leaving walls free for potential tiling?

After discussing your room with the designer, then you can begin to plan the layout of the room. You can decide how much of the walls you want to tile: A whole wall? More than one wall? A section of a wall? And if it is a section – do you want a vertical or a horizontal design?


Another thing we need to consider, is whether you are tiling this room from scratch – floor and walls; or do you already have the floor tile in place and you are planning an upgrade of the bedroom. If your floor tiles are already in place and you are now deciding to tile a wall, you need to go and shop around with a floor tile in hand. Do not depend on your memory on how much the tiles will blend together. It rarely works. If you are starting from scratch, then you have more possibilities to choose from.

But let us study the examples here and see how we can go about choosing the tiles for our own rooms. The wall and floor tile can be the same. We can continue to use the same floor tile to tile our wall. Or we can opt for a totally different tile. If you are going to opt for a different tile, then you need to verify if the room can take two patterned tiles or if one of the tiles must be plain. You may also decide on the same tile but in two different shades. You can have the darker tile on the floor, whilst having the same tile but in a lighter shade on the wall.


You can also decide to have a plain tile on the floor and the patterned tile on the wall or vice-versa: the patterned tile on the floor whilst the plain tile can be placed on the floor.

Another option can be that you do not tile the whole wall but only a section of it. This in itself creates a feature. We can build small structures – vertically or horizontally – to create inlets in the wall or even some form of shelving.

There are a variety of reasons why we might decide to tile our walls – whether it is the bedroom, or any other room in our homes. But here in Malta, one good reason is to cover up any humidity problems we might have. Of course, the best advise I can give to anyone who has humidity problems is to go to specialists in this field and see to the problem. But sometimes, we need a little help to make the wall look better aesthetically. And this just might be a practical and attractive way of solving this kind of problem.

Again, the advice of a good designer is always welcome for these kind of decisions. Because designers tend to see the room as a whole and not in sections. They know when too much is too much and when to say ‘enough’. And putting it all together and having it perfectly designed is the most important thing. Otherwise, instead of looking good, it will appear like you tried to get things together and didn’t quite manage it.

As most of you are now familiar with my endings, I once again urge you not to look only at the beauty of the tile, but also the quality. Be guided and decide wisely, as once laid…

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