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February 16, 2023

Appreciating Whisky


Words Charlot Farrugia

Whisky is one of the best creations ever crafted by mankind. This is surely a bold statement which begs clarification. Whisky is definitely an acquired taste, and your first sip might not be as smooth and flavourful as expected, especially if you start with the wrong choice of liquid in your glass. 

The secret ingredient of whisky is time. Most spirits are produced, bottled, and ready to sell within a few weeks, but whisky is aged for a considerable number of years, and that ageing, married with the wood barrels it is stored in, produces layers and layers of flavours. 


So, when sipping a whisky, you need to take your time, more so with particular whiskies which are more structured or contain flavours that might be hidden by bolder ones, such as smoke or peat. Adding a splash of water helps, as it opens up the flavours and slightly reduces the alcohol percentage; thus, making high ABV (alcohol by volume) whiskies more approachable. 

Nose the whisky a couple of times, as all the aromas are trapped and ready to be discovered. Then, sip gently while savouring every drop. Each whisky has its own structure, consistency, and mouthfeel, so each bottle will provide a different experience from the previous one. 

If you are a newbie to the whisky world, go for the lighter and smoother ones at first, and then work your way into the more structured and heavier ones. At first, you might not get all the flavours and aromas out of the whisky, but by time, you will manage to appreciate and discover more of it. The five listed whiskies are perfect for newcomers. These can be enjoyed neat, with a touch of water, on ice, or as a long drink or cocktail. 

• Jameson’s Irish Whiskey

• Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 YO

• Glenmorangie 10 YO

• Maredsous Single Malt Whisky

• Nikka Days

The world of whisky is exquisite, with so many options to choose from. Each bottle is a journey ready to be explored. After a few months of sipping this golden liquid, you will surely agree it is a first-class creation. Slàinte!

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