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Editor’s Letter Winter 2018 – Issue 97
Editor’s Letter Winter 2018 – Issue 97

December 1, 2018


Editor’s Letter


Winter 2018 Issue 97

Before I give you a little insight into what to expect within this issue of Design & Decor, I would like to firstly thank the advertisers for their constant support throughout the years as well as the printers at Progress Press and, of course, the readers for their many e-mails to us. Thank you everyone.

The festive season is nearly upon us once again and with it the final issue of Design & Decor for this year.

As usual we hope to have put together many interesting articles as well as masses of information  for your reference diary. There are, as always, many special features on beautiful houses and apartments. Jim Dunn writes about his home of 10 years in Cospicua on page 32. Two townhouses knocked together with a roof terrace and swimming pool on top give spectacular 180 degree views across the harbour and all around the island up to Mdina, the ancient capital.

A seafront penthouse is featured on page 12. Written by Andrea Christians, the article focuses on a project undertaken by interior designer Olivia Ann Calleja.

Interior designer Justine Bartolo writes about a beautiful penthouse on page 44 – which is captivating, interesting and full of memories and tales.

Jim Dunn writes about ambassadors’ residences all over the world on page 88. Embassies play a special role in the history of a country. They represent that country in bricks and mortar and express, at least in the eyes of foreigners, a country’s national character. He talks about various embassies in countries he has visited, sometimes also enjoying their hospitality as a guest.

Victoria Galea’s ‘The  beautiful trees of Winter’ on page 122 talks about how trees are such an integral part of our lives and how we underrate their importance.

Two Maltese painters, Henry Borg Barthet and John Martin Borg, write about their art. The first about his love for the sea, while the second about how he has come a long way from when he started.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A special word of thanks goes out not only to you all for purchasing the magazine but to our editorial and technical staff, designers and photographers. Thank you all.

Happy reading.


Eve Arnett Depasquale

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